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"Guilt Trip" is the fifth episode of the second season, and the forty-third episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and her primos try to win a trip around the world for Maria.


Maria is off to work at the hospital and says that once her shift is over, she'll be off for a week. The moment she leaves, Sergio and Lalo run in, fighting over a box of crackers. During their scuffle, they crash into the TV display and Ronnie Anne finds Maria's high school yearbook. When she and Bobby discover their mother's photo, Ronnie Anne sees that she was voted most likely to travel the world, along with photos of her being the Italian Club, East Asian Culture Club and Young Explorers Club. Remembering that Maria wanted to see the world when she was younger, they proceed to ask Rosa why she never fulfilled that. Rosa explains that while Maria wanted to travel the world, she gave up on those plans so she can raise her two children. Feeling bad that they were responsible for her not fulfilling her dream, Ronnie Anne suggests that they win Maria a trip around the world for her vacation.

At Hong's Korean Market, Ronnie Anne and Bobby participate in Mr. Hong's prize wheel challenge, where the grand prize a free trip to Korea. After buying two packs of gum, Mr. Hong grants them two spins of the wheel. Ronnie Anne spins the wheel and successfully gets the trip to Korea. However, during Ronnie Anne's jumps of excitement, she accidentally bumps the wheel into the neighboring slot, where she instead wins a new refrigerator. When Bobby proceeds the spin the wheel, he accidentally gets caught in it and gets flung across the store (as well as winning a giant tuna).

As Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Sergio and Lalo go around town with their fridge and tuna, they see that the pizza restaurant is holding a contest where the grand prize is a trip to Italy. The challenge is to eat a giant pizza almost as big as their table. Despite its size, the four push through and succeed in eating the entire thing. Unfortunately, the grand prize is not what they thought it was, as it is a pizza shaped like Italy, and that the poster outside had a hidden caveat that states that the prize was a trip to Italy "*for your mouth", much to their frustration. Suddenly, Mr. Nakamura appears behind them and says that he knows how they can win a trip to Japan.

At the local park, a sumo wrestling match is being held. Mr. Nakamura explains that in order to win, they must beat Reizouko, the undefeated sumo wresting champion. Fearing his dominant size, the gang quickly assigns the fridge to take him on. After being "mocked" by the fridge, Reizouko effortlessly defeats the fridge.

Arriving back to the apartment with their damaged fridge, Ronnie Anne and Bobby run into Mrs. Kernicky. When Ronnie Anne tells her that they wanted to win their mother a trip around the world. Mrs. Kernicky presents them with a flier for the Great Lakes City Dance Marathon, where the grand prize to the last couple standing is a trip around the world, as well as stating that she's participating with Mr. Scully as her partner. Realizing that this is their opportunity to win, Ronnie Anne and Bobby proceed to have their entire family participate so that they can increase their chances of winning.

Later that night at Cesar Chavez Academy, the dance marathon is about to start. As the couples get themselves ready, Mrs. Galiano, the marathon's referee, tells the crowd that in order to win the grand prize, they must be the last ones dancing, no matter how long it takes. After Mrs. Galiano starts the marathon, the couples begin to dance. Three hours later, the Casagrandes are disqualified one by one after breaking the rules, like not dancing, getting into fights, or trying to get others kicked out. Another six hours later, there are only two couples left dancing: Ronnie Anne/Bobby and Mrs. Kernicky/Mr. Scully. Despite Ronnie Anne telling Bobby to keep on going, as they're nearly there, Bobby ends up crashing out from complete exhaustion. Ronnie Anne tries to trick Mrs. Galiano that they're still dancing, but she is able to point out that Bobby is sleeping, and immediately disqualifies them, making Mrs. Kernicky and Mr. Scully the winners of the trip around the world.

As the Casagrandes sit in the living room, completely exhausted and sore from all the dancing, Maria arrives home and questions what happened to everyone. Seeing the amount of pain they're in, Maria promptly gets to work on healing them, but Ronnie Anne tells her to stop, saying they don't want to make things worse for her. When Maria questions what she's talking about, she and Bobby tell her they found her old yearbook and saw that she wanted to travel the world, but never got the chance to because she had to raise them, so they wanted to win a dance marathon so she could fulfill that dream. Although touched by their desire to make her happy, Maria states that raising them is the adventure she always wanted. After they hug it out, Maria comments that she would still love to see sumo wrestlers and eat pizza as long as it's with them. This gives Ronnie Anne an idea.

Going around town, Ronnie Anne and Bobby proceed to show their mother the world. Throughout the day, the three visit the places Ronnie Anne and Bobby went to before and get to experience the various cultures of the world, like listening to Mr. Hong playing a gayageum in his market, tossing pizzas at the pizza restaurant, and having a tea ceremony with Mr. Nakamura and Reizouko at the park. After their adventure, Maria shows off her photos to the family and thanks her kids for the vacation around the "world".


Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.


  • This, along with its sister episode, are the first Casagrandes episodes to first release on Amazon.
  • The name Reizouko (冷蔵庫) is Japanese for "refrigerator".
  • Throughout the episode, the magnetic letters on the refrigerator change to express the current mood:
    • When eating the colossal pizza - YUM
    • After eating the entire pizza - REGRET
    • When Mr. Nakamura talks about winning a trip to Japan - GO ON...
    • When Mr. Nakamura states that they need to beat Reizouko to win - UH
    • When chosen to take on Reizouko - ME
    • When Reizouko asks if he's being mocked - YES
    • When Reizouko is about to attack it - UH OH
    • When Reizouko defeats it - OUCH
    • When arriving to the apartment building - PAIN
    • When the Casagrandes sit in the living room after the marathon - SORE
    • Seeing Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Maria hug - SO SWEET
  • Dance marathon partners and why they were disqualified (in order of disqualification):
    • Carlos and Frida - Frida wanted to take a picture of the family doing a group activity
    • CJ and Carl - got into a fight after bumping into each other
    • Hector and Rosa - Hector changed partners with Reizouko because of his hunger
    • Reizouko and the fridge - because the above happened
    • Big Tony and Little Sal - taken out by Sergio after slipping on a banana peel
    • Carlota and Sergio - Sergio tried to cheat by eliminating the other dancers
    • Carlitos and Lalo - not stated (possibly because Carlitos soiled his diaper)
    • Ronnie Anne and Bobby - Bobby fell asleep out of exhaustion
    • Mrs. Kernicky and Mr. Scully - winners
  • This episode reveals several things about characters:
    • Maria has always wanted to travel overseas, but has never had the time.
    • Sergio used to wear glasses and braces, which he's embarrassed about. Maria also used to wear braces in high school.
    • Mrs. Kernicky and Mr. Scully can dance, and they can stay up for six hours without getting tired.
  • Cartoon biology: Sergio once had braces, even though real-life parrots don't have teeth.


  • Guilt Trip - The title of this episode is a type of manipulation trick where a person or group tries to make another person or group feel bad about a decision they made so they can reconsider.


How ya gonna stand now, Sergio?

  • Some of the dancers at the marathon were independent, even though the rules state that only couples can dance.
  • When Carlota swoops Sergio to continue dance, in one frame, his foot was disconnected.
  • When Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Maria toss pizzas, Maria's finger clips though the dough for 1 frame.



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