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Haiku is a minor character in The Loud House. She is Lucy's best friend and co-president of the Morticians Club at Royal Woods Elementary, and also a student in the school's writing club.


She first appears in the episode "Dance, Dance Resolution", in which Lucy tries to hook her up with Lincoln to have a date for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. When Ronnie Anne arrives unexpectedly, Lincoln tells his friends to cover for him, while he tries to escape. Clyde ends up hanging out with Haiku, confessing to her that his heart is for someone else. Likewise, Haiku confesses that she pines for a vampire who'd just turned 200. When Haiku finds out about Lincoln's plan, she admits that she had a better time hanging out with Clyde, as they bonded over their shared pain over loving someone who couldn't love them back. She is last seen waltzing with Clyde, as both of them look at pictures of their respective crushes.

She returns in "Out of the Picture" as a member of the Morticians Club, along with Lucy.

In "Fandom Pains", Haiku, along with the other members of the Morticians Club, is angry about Tristan's sudden appearance in Vampires of Melancholia, and collect signatures to remove him from the show.

In "Friendzy", Haiku is one of the many friends Lucy invites over.

In "The Write Stuff", she joins the writing club along with Lucy. Haiku went to Flip's Food & Fuel and wrote a poem about how the sour cherry and black licorice flippy mix reminded her of a sunset behind a cemetery and requested rhyming assistance from Lucy. Haiku escaped the school when Principal Huggins tried to shut down Rita's class and went to the coffee shop to express her true poetry. After Principal Huggins allowed Rita to keep her class, he had all the students ride an airplane with her, while learning about gerunds. Haiku suggested the gerund "hurdling", as the plane was hurdling toward the earth at this time.

In "A Grave Mistake", Bertrand anointed Haiku as the new leader of the Morticians Club after his retirement but Lucy felt as though she deserved the position more and suggested they put it to a vote. Morpheus and Boris still voted for Haiku because she, respectively, wrote a Morpheus a haiku about his pet crow, Thorn and promised Boris a ride in her "hearse", which was just her family station wagon painted black. Lucy was able to get the popular vote by inaugurating Lincoln to the club just so she could one-up Haiku, winning her the election. Haiku and the other goths didn't approve of Lucy's corrupt political move and quit the club. After Lucy failed to give Ricky the Rooster a proper sendoff and apologized, Haiku offered to help her throw a better funeral. Lucy gave up her role as president to give her position back to Haiku but Haiku had the better idea to share the role of leader with Lucy.

In "Sand Hassles", Haiku, along with the rest of the Morticians Club, was very upset with the fact that she had to go to the beach for her 3rd grade field trip. When they got to the beach, they all waited in a dark tent until the field trip was over. When Lucy and Fang snuck out of the tent to go play volleyball, Haiku offered to go with her but Lucy refused, not wanting Haiku to know she was betraying them. When Haiku found out the truth, she was very angry but Lucy convinced her to join her in having fun on the beach. Haiku and Lucy got buried in the sand together.

In "Ghosted!", Haiku, along with the rest of the Morticians Club, went to Fairway University to help Lori with her ghost problem by studying Shanks' past to learn that he used to like fermented bean meal and pigs in blankets. Haiku and Lucy helped Lori cook bean meal to lure Shanks back to the college. Haiku was bombarded by cheerleaders, which she hissed and pawed at.

In "She's All Bat", she and the Morticians Club look for a seventh member after Wilbur Huggins tells them that school clubs formed after 1874 is required to have seven members.


Haiku is mostly a calm girl, fascinated by poetry and gothic literature. Like her friend Lucy, Haiku is an aspiring poet, even keeping a poetry journal. When Lincoln told her a simple improvised poem about Jack and Jill, she interpreted it as deeper thoughts than their really were.

She speaks with a calm, emotionless tone, and rarely smiles. Like Lucy, she has affections towards a likely fictional vampire, and she wears a locket with her love interest. When all the students were dancing, Haiku preferred her diary over dancing, except for a slow waltzing with Clyde.

According to Clyde, Haiku dislikes cats, sunlight, and people who smile too much. She also dislikes dishonesty. Her dislike of sunlight is further showcased in "Sand Hassles", in which she and her friends were displeased at a school trip to the beach, partly because of the sunlight. However, she managed to tolerate the sunlight in favor of certain activities she found fun, such as playing volleyball and burying herself.


Haiku has a slender figure body, with skin as pale as Lucy's. She has long black hair, with a reflective shine, appearing to wear mascara, and has reflective purple eye shadow. She wears a long dark purple dress, black belt with white skull, and dark purple fingerless gloves.


  • Her name is a reference to the Japanese style of poetry of the same name, which only consists of three lines, none of which rhyme. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables.
    • This obviously references her fascination with poetry.
    • Haiku's poem she shares with Lincoln in "Dance, Dance Resolution" is a haiku.
    • Haiku is also the first of Lincoln's dates to appear more than once.
    • Haiku is also the only one of Lincoln's dates to be his schoolmate.
  • Haiku is one of the few girls at school Lincoln is on friendly terms along with Ronnie Anne (when she was still a student at his school), Stella, Mollie, and Girl Jordan.
  • "A Grave Mistake" reveals that Haiku has been a goth for a year.
    • "Fright Bite" implies that Haiku may have been goth since she was in second grade.

The part in Haiku's hair being inconsistent

  • The part in Haiku's hair would switch sides, depending on which way her character model was facing, though as of "The Write Stuff", the part in her hair now stays on the same side of her face, regardless of which way she is facing.
  • Her voice actress, Georgie Kidder, also voices Polly Pain.
  • According to "Who's the Loudest?", she's the "co-leader" of the Morticians' Club.
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  1. she called dibs on it in the 2nd grade, as she complains to Dante when he claims the moniker in Fright Bite