This page describes all of Haiku's relationships with her friends.

Clyde McBride

S1E22A Clyde McBride and Haiku Slow-Dancing

Clyde and Haiku dancing together.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", Clyde covers for Lincoln by dancing with one of his four dates: Haiku, a friend of Lucy. Clyde admits to Haiku that he is smitten with "an older woman," Lori. Haiku explains to him that she is also hoping to enter an impossible relationship with a 200-year-old vampire boy. They smile and have a conversation about unrequited love. Haiku tells Lincoln later in the episode that she enjoys Clyde, because they "share the same pain". She and Clyde share a slow dance together at the end, all while looking at photos of their respective crushes.

In "Out of the Picture", Haiku agrees to let Clyde pretend to be member of the Morticians Club to get their group photo taken. That means she still considers him as her friend.

In "Friendzy", Clyde and Haiku met again, she seemed disappointed that he doesn't remember her.

Loud Family

Lucy Loud

S4E24B Sand Hassles panorama 4

Lucy and Haiku playing with sand.

They are best friends. In "Dance, Dance Resolution", Lucy asked Haiku to go on a date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party.

In "Out of the Picture", it is revealed that both Lucy and Haiku are part of the Morticians Club. After Lucy disagrees to let Clyde and Lincoln pretend to be a members of Morticians Club to be taken on their group photo, Haiku persuades her to agree.

In "Fandom Pains", she, along with the rest of the Morticians Club, agrees to help Lucy secure signatures to remove Tristan from Vampires of Melancholia. She and Lucy also declare "Goth perks" together regarding the candy they collect while securing signatures from people who thought the Morticians Club were Trick-or-Treating.

In "Friendzy", Haiku is one of the many friends Lucy invites over in order to obtain special friend privileges.

In "The Write Stuff", both of them attended the Writing Club.

In "A Grave Mistake" Haiku was chosen by Bertrand as new president of Mortician Club, what made Lucy envious. They competed for this position by asking other club members to vote for them. When Lucy asked Lincoln to join the club just to vote on her, Haiku was outraged by Lucy's dirty trick and left the club. When Lucy realized she's not good as club president, Haiku offered her to be co-president with her a proposal which Lucy gladly accepts.

Lincoln Loud

S1E22A Jack and Jill went up a hill

Lincoln and Haiku sharing poetry.

Haiku agrees to go on blind date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party. Together, they share poems and shadow puppetry. Haiku is upset with Lincoln, when she discovers he's on dates with three other girls. However, she doesn't mind it for long because she finds Clyde.

In "Out of the Picture", Haiku agrees to let Lincoln pretend to be a member of the Morticians Club to get their group photo taken indicating she still considers him as her friend.

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