The Loud House Halloween Party Guide 🎃 Nick

The Loud House Halloween Party Guide 🎃 Nick

Halloween Party Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on October 20, 2018.


The Loud House is about to get even louder because the family's throwing a Halloween party! The promotional video talks about what each member of the family will do in order the make their party a real Spook-tacular.

Lori has to be in charge of the guest list because she can text out the invites faster than she can say "literally".

Luna will be in charge of music because her jams are so good they're scary.

Lincoln is first suggested to be in charge of decorations, but then it's decided to leave that job to the scream queen herself, who can turn the Loud house into a hunted house.

It's then decided that Lincoln can put on a feel good Halloween flick.

Suddenly, the host realizes that Lori just wrote Bobby on the guest list a bunch of times, and decides to leave Lisa in charge of the guest list, because she's calculated that the limit does not exist when it comes to having a good time.

But Lori can be in charge of party snacks, because a party without snacks is just whack, and Lori is given points for snacking healthy.

Luan is first suggested to be in charge of the punch, because she's pull of punchlines, but then it's decided that Lynn should handle the punch, because she knows how to stay hydrated.

Instead Luan can be on entertainment, because she's a crowd pleaser who can get down with some stand up.

Leni is left in charge with the costume contest, who's got a passion for even the most frightening of fashion.

At first the host thinks Lola can crown the winner with her tiara, but because of her temper it's decided that she's better suited for security, with Lana as backup, because the twins know how to lay down the law.

Lily is already asleep, so better to just let her do so.

With everyone covered, it's time for an awesome Halloween party... Except for the scariest thing of all... Someone has to clean everything up.

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