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Harold McBride is a supporting character in The Loud House.


Harold is more level-headed and collected than his husband. A pet name Howard has for him is "Hare-Bear".

Due to having completely different life experiences than Lincoln, Harold often mistakes his comments for jokes and thinks he is very funny. He tends to use outdated slang and exclamations involving the word "great", such as "Great good heavens!", and "Great Betty Buckley!"

Harold used to play baseball when he was in college. He is still able to play but is obviously not as athletic as he used to be. Harold owns multiple sweater vests and bow ties in different colors, one of them being holiday-themed.


Howard and Harold waving to Clyde.

Season 1

Harold is one of Clyde's dads, and he is seen or mentioned in ten episodes of the first season.

He is first mentioned in "A Tale of Two Tables", in which Clyde helps Howard and Harold do their taxes, while Lincoln calls him, via walkie-talkie.

In "Overnight Success", Harold makes his first on-screen appearance. In the episode, he walks Clyde over to the Loud family's house for a sleepover.

Off-screen in "Hand-Me-Downer", Howard and Harold go tandem biking and find Lynn's lost BMX bike.

In "The Green House", Clyde tells Mrs. Johnson that his parents use solar panels and try not to burn any fossil fuels.

Harold and Howard are the focus of the episode "Attention Deficit". In this episode, it is revealed that Harold played baseball in college.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Clyde says that Howard and Harold call him a great hugger and always compliment his "million-dollar" smile.

In "Roughin' It", Howard and Harold stay at the North Valley Bed & Breakfast while Clyde camps outside with Lincoln. They give Clyde many modern appliances and supplies to use. It is revealed in the same episode that Howard and Harold once went on a safari. There, they camped out in a fancy tent with its own veranda.

In "The Waiting Game", Howard and Harold make Clyde wear a hazmat suit to Chandler's sewage party.

After Clyde falls off the Tunnel of Love ride in "A Fair to Remember", the carnival manager asks "the parents of a soggy boy" (Clyde) to come pick him up. Howard and Harold do not make a physical appearance, but this line indirectly references them.

In "April Fools Rules", Clyde tells Lincoln that he and his dads have to keep their cat Cleopawtra in a crate when she gets "feisty".

Howard and Harold's tandem bicycle appears in "Butterfly Effect", although neither of the dads were seen in the episode.

Their house and chairs once again appear without them in "One Flu Over the Loud House".

Season 2

Howard, and Harold preparing for another kitten.

Harold appeared in two of the three first episodes in Season 2. He was present for the series' holiday special "11 Louds a Leapin'".

"Baby Steps" was another episode that focused on them. In it, Clyde thinks he and Howard are going to have another child. It ends up being a misunderstanding and they were actually getting another kitten for him. At the end of the episode, Howard and Harold decide to go out together while they let Clyde practice his big brother skills.

In "The Whole Picture", it is revealed that Howard and Harold back up all of Clyde's childhood photos with their online cloud storage. Clyde also mentions that he and his dads hold acting sessions every Friday.

Harold and Clyde scuba diving.

In "Kick the Bucket List", Howard and Harold surprise Clyde by going on an eight-day vacation in Hawaii. They go on a plane, visit a volcano, go sailing, and swim in the ocean. Throughout the entire trip, Clyde tries to trim down the list of activities he planned to do with Lincoln over spring break. This leaves him distracted, so Howard and Harold have to continually save him from danger he is unaware of: they pull him away from lava when visiting the volcano, catch him when he nearly falls overboard on their sailing trip, and take a fish off of his head when they go swimming.

The dads taking a photo.

In "ARGGH! You for Real?", he and Howard become worried about Clyde throwing all his stuff and call Lincoln to help them.

In "Health Kicked", Harold and Howard are shown to be competing in the Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition. Later, they came by pulling their van with rope.

In "Yes Man", he is seen in a photo when Clyde calls Lincoln with his laptop.

In "Tricked!", Clyde mentions that if candy is brought to the McBride House, his dads will it lock up and only bring out one small piece at a time.

In "Snow Way Down", Harold and Howard are the major focus in this episode, where Lincoln discovers how overprotective they are. It is also revealed in this episode that whenever Howard makes his beef bourguignon, he doesn't really like it.

Season 3

In "Tripped!", it is mentioned that Clyde and his dads are taking care the family pets.

In "White Hare", he and Howard are mentioned when Lincoln tells Clyde that there are some things a man must do alone. Clyde then Lincoln he said the same thing to his dad the first he used the public restroom.

In "Teachers' Union", Clyde mentions to Coach Pacowski that he and Howard state there is a lid for every jar.

In "Pasture Bedtime", Clyde mentions that Harold and Howard check to make sure that re-applies his bug spray.

In "What Wood Lincoln Do?", Harold and Howard appear in flashback while Clyde is being lifted into an ambulance after trying to inflate balloon himself.

In "Absent Minded", Clyde mentions that he traded Harold or Howard's quiche for Rusty's leftover pizza.

In "Game Boys", Clyde mentions to Lincoln that his dads think they need one full day to completely unplug.

In "Middle Men", Clyde mentions that his dads watched a cop TV show the previous night.

In "Cooked!", he, his husband, and Clyde are eating at Lynn's Table towards the end of the episode.

Season 4

In "Rocket Men", Clyde asks his parents to go to Space Cadets Experience, a one-week event taking place at a space camp. Harold and Howard are hesitant fearing that Clyde won't be able to take care of himself for a whole week. However, when they see how excited Clyde is, they agree to let him go. Later that night, Clyde calls him and Howard to come and pick him up from the camp. Feeling sorry for Clyde, encourage him to stay a bit longer, saying although they might not like it initially they'll eventually find something they'll enjoy. The next morning when the dads arrive at camp to pick Clyde they notice that he is down and Clyde explains that he gave Space Camp a chance, while they did not enjoy them at first they now enjoy it. This speech makes the dads state that as long as they had fun, they can stay if they want, much to the boys' happiness.

In "Last Loud on Earth", Harold, Howard, and Lynn Sr. go to look for Lincoln and Clyde after they seemingly go missing after a storm warning.

In "Stall Monitor", Harold and Howard go to Clyde's parent teacher today conference they asks a lot of questions about classroom safety.

In "Exchange of Heart", when Clyde grows tired of Harold and Howard overprotectiveness, he invites an exchange student named Tiago in their house.

In "Purrfect Gig", Harold and his husband Howard hire Luna to look after their beloved cats during their absence, provided that she does not bring more than one person into the house. Despite this recommendation, Luna invites Sam and her brother Simon to ask for help and advice about the pet-sitting. At the end of the episode, Harold was impressed with Sam's work towards the kittens and decided to give compensation to both her and Luna.

Season 5

In "A Flipmas Carol", Harold consoles his husband Howard after finding out he got a Flip scam for new Christmas inflatable puppets.

In "No Bus No Fuss" Harold helps his husband Howard make the car safer and more protected by using various rolls of bubble wrap

in "Resident Upheaval", Howard, Harold and their son Clyde go together to visit the "Sunset Canyon" retirement home to get to know him better, so that they can give Nana Gayle a suitable place.

In "Flying Solo", Howard and Harold go to see Clyde's first musical performance, along with aunts Pat and Hoda.

In "Dad Reputation", Harold is part of a band called the Doo Dads, which also consists of Kotaro, Lynn. Sr and Rodney.


Harold and Howard are mentioned in the compilation short "The Many Sides of Clyde McBride." In a 2016 live stream from the Nickelodeon Animation Studio Facebook page, Miguel Puga drew the Dads. They are also drawn by Chris Savino in a live stream from February 2017. Howard and Harold were mentioned by Lincoln in an animated Facebook Live video in October 2017, when he talks to Clyde and says "Say hi to your dads for me!"


Howard and Harold as drawn by Chris Savino.

Harold is a round man, with dark skin and black hair. His hair appears to be thinning and is very short compared to Howard's height and his hair. He wears a blue/teal sweater vest, with a black bow tie, and a light blue shirt underneath. He also sports a pair of jeans and brown loafer shoes.

In a live stream from Nickelodeon on February 2017, Chris Savino drew the Dads' original designs. Harold was shown to be bald and have no chin outline, but otherwise, his features were identical.


  • The colors and styles of clothing that the Loud and McBride parents wear correspond with each other. Harold and Lynn Sr. both wear sweaters and brown loafer shoes, and they both have thinning hair.
  • Whenever the Loud House social media accounts refer to Howard and Harold as Clyde's dads, "Dads" is capitalized as a proper noun.
  • It is revealed that his surname was McBride before he was married, due to Gayle being his mother.
  • Either Howard or Harold must have been a medical professional at some point or at least gone through medical school. It is mentioned that they give Lincoln and Clyde their vaccinations in "Attention Deficit", so they must have easy access to medical equipment, and the license to administer that kind of medication.
  • Howard only calls him Harold instead of Hare-Bear once, during a brief scene in "Attention Deficit", when Howard is really stressed out.
  • Similarly to Lincoln, when Harold says something loudly, he turns his head back so only his nose and mouth are shown.
  • Harold is the only supporting character in Season 3 who doesn't speak.
  • In "Dad Reputation" it's revealed that he can play the accordion.
  • His name means "army ruler".[1]
  • According to the description from the "Love Out Loud" comic, he and his husband Howard have been together as a couple for 20 years (8 years before Clyde was born).



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