Relationships that Harold McBride has with his family and friends.


S1E16A Howard and Harold traumatized

Clyde and Harold are relatively close. Also, Harold is the only character who calls Clyde "son". In the episode "Baby Steps", he also called Clyde "honey". In the episode "The Loudest Yard", Clyde is shown to be a good baseball pitcher, so this implies that Harold must have taught him.


He has been shown to get along with his husband quite well, though he commonly calms him down when he gets too emotional, as shown in "Overnight Success". The couple are shown to enjoy each other's company and share similar hobbies, rarely being seen without each other and the two seem to love each other dearly, with Howard calling him "Hare Bare" in "11 Louds a Leapin'". In "Snow Way Down", it is revealed that Harold dislikes Howard's beef bourguignon.

Loud Family

Harold and the Loud family are on good terms, though having all 11 children visit his home was something he wasn't prepared for. He and Howard drove the girls home immediately after Lisa suggested they sleepover, and returned to their own house exhausted.

Despite this unfortunate experience, Harold and his family gladly joined the Louds on their mission to give Mr. Grouse the best Christmas he's had in years. This touching occasion reduced even the more reserved Harold to crying alongside Howard.


S1E16A Harold chuckles

Harold chuckling at what Lincoln has to say.

Harold seems to be closer to Lincoln than Howard is. He always laughs at Lincoln's comments. When he visits the McBride's house for dinner, he sits in the chair next to Harold's.

In "ARGGH! You for Real?", Harold contacts Lincoln to solve an issue with Clyde.


Harold helped Leni, along with Howard, to finish the makeup on her face. Leni was satisfied with the result.


Harold agreed to try a pie that Luan made in "Attention Deficit". Unfortunately, this meant getting her pie thrown in his face.


Harold and Lynn both share a love for sports, particularly baseball. Harold helped Lynn with her catching skills in "Attention Deficit".

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