Hattie is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in "Back Out There".


Hattie is a ditzy, geeky girl, who loves sci-fi stuff, and has a habit of spoiling movies.


She has brown hair, freckles, three pairs of eyelashes, and has braces on her teeth. She wears pearl earrings, a cyan shirt, a dark green skirt, white socks, and cyan slip-on shoes.


In "Back Out There" Liam arranged meeting between Lincoln and Hattie as replacement for Ronnie Anne. Hattie greeted Lincoln in cinema, but her tendency to spoil movies brought troubles to them both.

In "Pasture Bedtime" Hattie was among kids invited by Girl Jordan to her pool party. She was seen talking to Andrew.

In "Antiqued Off" Hattie was among audience of a stage magic performance.

In "Brave the Last Dance" Hattie was in same cinema room, where Clyde tried to bond with Emma.


  • Her name is a variant of "Harriet", which means "estate ruler".
  • She's the first of Liam's relatives to show up, rather than being mentioned.

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