Hattie is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in "Back Out There".


Hattie is a ditzy, geeky girl, who loves sci-fi stuff, and has a habit of spoiling movies.


She has brown hair, freckles, three pairs of eyelashes, and has braces on her teeth. She wears pearl earrings, a cyan shirt, a dark green skirt, white socks, and cyan slip-on shoes.


  • Her name is a variant of "Harriet", which means "estate ruler".
  • She's the first of Liam's relatives to show up, rather than being mentioned.
  • Dub facts:
    • Her American voice actress Lara Jill Miller also voices Lisa and Liam.
    • Her Polish voice actress Hanna Kinder-Kiss also voices Agnes Johnson.
    • Her Polish name is Natalia (Natalie).

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