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"Haunted House Call" is the sixth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fifty-second episode of The Loud House.


When the Mortician's Club can't afford tickets to Casket Con, they decide to start a business to raise money.


The Mortician's Club is attempting to raise enough money so they can go to Casket Con so they can get a closer look at a casket called the Model C, which has boosters so it can levitate. Approaching Mr. Grouse's house, Lucy and the other members ask him if he would be interested in buying an eyeball-themed cake pop, but Mr. Grouse declines, saying that he has a problem of his own. Inside his house, the furniture is mysteriously levitating; the club immediately realizes that this is a ghost problem and agree to get to the bottom of it. Moments later, the club holds a seance in an attempt to communicate with the ghost, and the ghost appears before possessing Boris. Now in a physical body, the ghost introduces herself as Lady Emmeline, and tells Mr. Grouse that he's staying in her former home and is ruining it with his tacky furniture. Lucy says that Lady Emmeline is stuck in limbo and will only leave unless Mr. Grouse fulfills her unfinished business. Initially refusing at first, Mr. Grouse agrees to cater to Lady Emmeline by putting up a fancy chandelier. With her business finally fulfilled, Lady Emmeline exits Boris' body, warns Mr. Grouse not to take it off and crosses over to the afterlife. As thanks for helping him out, Mr. Grouse gives the Mortician's Club a big wad of cash, prompting Lucy to come up with a new business plan.

Soon, the Mortician's Club has started their business of helping those who are being haunted by ghosts stuck in limbo. Before long, the club quickly has customers calling in.

  • First, the club is called over to Duds for Dudes, where a ghost is destroying the store. After asking for the ghost to reveal itself, the ghost says that his unfinished business has to do with Rodney dressing him up in a tuxedo t-shirt instead of a real tuxedo. Rodney initially refuses to give the ghost his refund, but after making an exchange offer, the ghost leaves after Rodney dresses him up in a real tuxedo.
  • Second, the club is called over Liam's farm, where Liam reveals that every time he tries to feed the animals, he keeps getting bucked by an unseen force. Asking for the ghost to reveal itself, the ghost is revealed to be Dolly, Mee-Maw's prized donkey. When asked what he did to wrong Dolly, Liam admits that he once mud wrestled with Virginia, and when they broke the fence by accident, Liam pinned the blame on Dolly. Dolly eventually crosses over into the afterlife after Liam makes things right by confessing to Mee-Maw his lie.
  • Third, the club is called over to Cheryl and Meryl's condo, where they explain that their TV keeps changing channels during the season finale of their favorite show. Asking the ghost to reveal itself, the ghost is revealed to be the former tenant of this condo and wants to watch his TV show to see how it ended. At Lucy's suggestion, Cheryl and Meryl agree to let the ghost watch his show while they record the finale of their show.

With all the money they earned, the club is only one tier away from getting their tickets to Casket Con. However, after two hours of not getting any calls, Lucy realizes that they just helped out everyone who had a ghost problem. Not willing to give in just yet, Lucy decides to take drastic measures and summon a ghost of their own to haunt someone so they can get the person being haunted to pay them to get rid of it. After some looking around in the cemetery, the club settles on summoning a prankster named Buzz. After being summoned back to Earth, the club asks Buzz if he would be fine on haunting someone and letting them capture him, and Buzz agrees, saying he knows the perfect target to hit. At Sunset Canyon Retirement Home, Buzz reveals that he has chosen Scoots as his primary target, as she used to be his former neighbor. After falling victim to Buzz's pranks, Scoots appoints the Mortician's Club to help get rid of Buzz, and they proceed to capture Buzz with Lincoln's ARGGH! ghost containment device (that Lucy borrowed without permission).

Now with all the money they need to buy their tickets to Casket Con, the club releases Buzz from the containment device, intending on sending him back to the afterlife, but Buzz refuses, saying that he enjoys pranking people and leaves. Despite Casket Con ending in one hour, Lucy says that because they unleashed Buzz onto the Earth, they're also responsible to bring him back. Going around town, the club chases after Buzz, where, after failing to catch him at Lynn's Table, they manage to track him down at Flip's Food and Fuel, where they trap him in a ring of salt. Buzz refuses to go back, but relents if it means not going back into the containment device. After being taken back to his grave, Buzz bids the club farewell before they close the portal. With Buzz taken care of, the club quickly heads to Casket Con, hoping they're still open.

At the Royal Woods Convention Center, the club arrives, but to their dismay, the ticket booths are closed, meaning that they're too late. Suddenly, a handyman exits the building with the Model C casket and, after bribing him to let them use it, the club jumps into the casket, appreciate its new casket smell and fly away in it.



  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the dial on the rotary phone.
  • This episode reveals that Scoots once had a pranking neighbor named Buzz.
  • This is the second time in the series that ghost(s) make a physical appearance. The first being "Ghosted!" with the ghost of Shanks.
  • This is the fourth episode where Liam appears without Lincoln the other being "Senior Moment", "Cow Pie Kid" and "Double Trouble".
  • Irony: At first, the bone phone becoming covered in dust and cobwebs gives the impression that days, if not weeks, have passed since the phone had last rung, but Lucy says that only two hours have passed since their last caller.


  • Haunted House Call - The title of this episode is a combination of "haunted house", a popular type of park attraction, and "house call", which is when a doctor visits a patient at their own home.


  • Georgie Kidder's first name is misspelled in the credits as "George".
  • When the Mortician's Club is cheering over filling in their Casket Con chart, Haiku's fingers are the same color as her gloves. The same error occurs in the scene where Buzz is ejected from the vacuum.
  • When Cheryl and Meryl agree to record the finale of their show, Meryl's mouths outline disappears when she smiles in one frame.

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