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Hawk is a minor character, who made his first appearance in "The Loudest Yard". He returns in "Tricked!" as one of the main antagonists.


Hawk and Hank were introduced in the episode "The Loudest Yard" as unnamed members of the Hazeltucky Hockers, a junior varsity football team who are rivals to the Royal Woods Roosters, the team that Lincoln Loud is on.

The both of them had a more prominent role later on in the series' Halloween special "Tricked!". In it, Lincoln and Clyde convince them that they should do their Trick-or-Treating on Franklin Avenue to avoid having them find out that Huntington Manor is a better place to do so. In actuality, however, Hank and Hawk use this advice and trash the neighborhood, scaring away all the younger trick-or-treaters and stealing all their candy. When Lincoln and Clyde find out what happened, they feel guilty and decide to set things right, secretly following Hank and Hawk to their tree house. After Lincoln and Clyde's first attempt to regain the candy fails, they successfully lure Hank and Hawk into chasing them all the way to the haunted corn maze that Lincoln helped his sisters set up. There, Lincoln's sisters and Rita all take turns scaring Hank and Hawk out of their wits, culminating in Lucy drenching them in fake blood. This frightens the bullies so much that they run out, vowing to never return again.

Hank and Hawk make a cameo appearance in "Snoop's On" where they are seen in the fantasy of Luna and Sam (under the alias of Roxy) hanging out at the underground club.


Hawk is a big, light-skinned boy, with brown hair, and lacks a front tooth. He wears a dark khaki t-shirt, blue jean shorts, white socks and white shoes with three cyan stripes.


  • His name might be a pun on his faux hawk.

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