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The town's football team, The Hazeltucky Hockers.

Hazeltucky is a town in Michigan, and one of Royal Woods' neighboring towns.


It has a football team called The Hazeltucky Hockers, who is a rival team to The Royal Woods Roosters.


Hazeltucky was first seen in the episode "Linc or Swim". After getting kicked out of Huntington Oaks community pool, the Loud kids came here to use the pool, and like the last two pools they visited, they got kicked out. This time, they got kicked out because Lily defecated in the pool, causing the pool to be drained, and people in hazmat suits to scrub the pool to clean off Lily's excrement.

In "Snow Bored", it's mentioned in the news that its schools will be closed the following day due snowy weather.

In "No Such Luck", the Hazeltucky Lions are being played.

The water park was mentioned in "Back Out There" due to Lincoln's friends being concerned about him missing Ronnie Anne.

Their sports teams were beaten twice in "Driving Ambition". First when Lori beat them at golf at the beginning of the episode and again, when Lynn had a flashback to when she beat them in a basketball game.

Places of Hazeltucky

  • Community pool
  • School
  • Water park
  • Hazeltucky Party Outlet




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