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"Head Poet's Anxiety" is the fifteenth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-sixteenth episode of The Loud House.


Luan teaches Lucy how to manage the ups and downs of pursuing a life in the arts.


Luan has taken up a new gig of entertaining the elders of Sunset Canyon whenever they go on their day trips on their bus, the Giggling Geezer. When the bus arrives at the Loud House, Luan jumps off, says hi to Lincoln and Clyde, and tells them that entertaining the elders is bringing her closer to her dreams of being the youngest person ever to perform at the Royal Woods Theater. When Luan enters the house, she accidentally steps on Lucy, who was laying on the staircase out of depression due to her best poem being rejected. Luan escorts Lucy into her room and shows her all of her rejection letters. Luan explains that when she was younger, she always started out rough, but after graduating from clowning academy, she started her own clowning business, and became a successful comedian. Feeling better from Luan's story, Lucy asks her if she can help her become a better poet, and Luan agrees to help her.

Luan makes up a plan for Lucy on how to become a better poet. First, she has to sharpen her skills at home. She does this by writing the description of dishes for the Aloha Comrade menu for Lynn Sr., and a detailed explanation of a dress for Leni to put on her fashion blog. Second, Lucy has to get some formal training. At the Royal Woods Recreation Center, a poetry teacher asks for her students to come up with words that rhyme with "rose," and Lucy comes up with "decompose." Third, Lucy has to showcase her work. She does this by putting her content on decorative pillows at an art show. Lastly, Lucy has to test if she has thick skin. When she tells one of her poems to her siblings, they intentionally boo at her (except Leni), while Lola gives the meanest roast she can, and Lucy quickly comes up with a poem to jab at her back, successfully proving that she has thick skin. The next day, Luan completes her comedy routine on the Giggling Geezer and tells the elders that she brought Lucy as a guest to recite one of her poems. The poem Lucy tells is an ode to Pop-Pop, and it is met with overwhelming praise. Arriving home, Lucy thanks Luan for being a great mentor.

The next day, while doing her comedy routine on the Giggling Geezer, Bernie accidentally loses his teeth from laughing too hard, prompting him and Luan to find them. While looking, Lucy arrives on her scooter to explain to Luan that her poetry teacher loved her poem so much, that she's allowing Lucy to read it at the Royal Woods Theater. Luan, distraught and clearly angry that Lucy is stealing her lifelong dream, hugs her in a rather strangling manner, all while her eyes twitch, and mouth become jagged. Sometime later, Lucy tries asking Luan for more advice, but Luan responds to her questions indifferently. Late at night, Lincoln notices Luan's negative attitude and when Lucy asks why she's acting like this, Lincoln, realizing why Luan is acting so negative, decides to explain to Lucy what's happening.

The next day, as Luan gets herself ready for Lucy's show, Luan discovers that none of the other siblings are ready, and Lisa explains that Lucy is feeling sick, and decided to skip out on performing, despite her equipment saying that Lucy's completely fine. When Luan asks Lucy why she's skipping the performance, Lucy explains that she didn't want to steal her dream of being the youngest person to perform at the Royal Woods Theater, and thought skipping out would give Luan the chance to accomplish that dream. Feeling bad for Lucy, and realizing that her jealousy got in the way, Luan encourages Lucy to perform, saying that as her mentor, she wouldn't be a great mentor if she allowed Lucy to miss this opportunity. This prompts Lucy to hug Luan out of gratitude.

If ever I'm lost, I'll look up to her.

At the Royal Woods Theater, the family and elders are attending the show, and the poetry teacher introduces Lucy. Once onstage, Lucy recites a poem dedicated to Luan:

Dreams burnt to ash, hope tangles like laces
Till love swept in with puns and funny faces.
Where my path will lead, I can't be sure
But if ever I'm lost, I'll look up to her.


Rita, Seymour, Steve, Mazzy, Roger, Teen Girl, Whitney and Bratty Kid's Mom have no lines in episode. Although they were listed in the credits, Lori, Luna, Lana, and Lily had no lines in this episode.

Accidental release

Like with "Future Tense", "Tripped!", and "The Mad Scientist", this episode was accidentally released on Amazon before its intended release date. The episode was meant to air on April 30 but was released onto the website nine days earlier on April 21. The most likely cause of this was the episode's sister episode "Teachers' Union". When Amazon got permission to make the episode downloadable, it's likely that Nickelodeon forgot to exclude this episode before giving Amazon the releasing rights.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Road Tripped" and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs and will also be available on the "The Complete Third Season" DVD.


  • The quote "Embrace the darkness" was seen before in Lucy's poster in "The Loudest Yard".
  • This is the first episode where Andre Robinson voices Clyde.
    • As of this episode, both of the main cast's original male voice actors have left the series.
  • This episode was first originally going to air on April 20th, but it was pushed back to June 4.
  • According to this episode, Leni has a fashion blog.
  • This episode reveals that Luan's dream is to be the youngest performer at the Royal Woods Theater.
    • However, Lucy now owns that accomplishment.
  • Because of Leni's big heart, she was the only one against her siblings jeering at Lucy, despite the fact that it was a test to see if Lucy had thick skin.
  • Luan tells a joke that she previously said in "No Laughing Matter".
  • This episode reveals several things about the pets:
    • Since Geo does not appear in the flashback of Luan performing on Charles' first birthday, it is likely that Lana found him at a later point in her life than when she found the other family pets.
    • Charles, Cliff, and Walt are revealed to have been living with the Louds since Luan was eight. Since Lana is revealed to have found the pets in her brother's vlogs, this means that she must have found Charles, Cliff, and Walt when she was still a baby.
    • In the flashback to when Luan was eight, Charles is seen turning one, while Cliff and Walt appear to be under a year old. That means that prior to Season 5, Charles is seven years old, while Cliff and Walt are six.


  • Head Poet's Anxiety - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1989 drama film Dead Poets Society.
  • William Shakespeare - Lincoln resembles the world-famous English playwright in the episode's title card.
  • Beauty and the Beast - Luan's dress and hairstyle is similar to Belle's dress that she wore when she and The Beast were dancing together.


  • In every shot of the inside of the Giggling Geezer, there appears to be no driver in control of the bus.
  • When Lucy says "Luan, I don't understand", the Closed Captions says Lynn instead of Luan.
  • After Luan thanks Lincoln for being supportive, she walks into the house and shuts the door. However, the next shot shows her walking into the house again without shutting the door.
  • In Luan's flashback Mazzy, Roger, Teen Girl and Whitney look in past exactly like in present.
  • When Luan is walking upstairs the stairs in front of her can be seen, and Lucy is nowhere to be seen.
  • When Leni says, "I don't want to do this," Lisa's shoulder is layered over her face.
  • Also, Lana's left shoe and Luna's body appear to be missing.
  • When Luan is seen from behind when brushing her teeth, her ears are uneven.
  • When Bernie claims that he found his dentures (which turned out to be a pinecone), his teeth are already in his mouth.
  • When Lucy meets up with Luan on her scooter, she tells her she had been chasing after her for six blocks, yet Lucy comes from the opposite direction of what the Giggling Geezer was driving.

"Regrtfully" and "Appying"

  • Possible: Lucy's rejection letter has the words "regretfully" and "applying" spelled incorrectly. However, it's possible they were spelled incorrectly because of the small writing space on the letter.
  • Luan’s earrings are missing when she watches Lucy read her poem at the Royal Woods theatre.
  • In the scenes where Luan was wearing her night attire, the cuffs around her arms, legs and neck are yellow instead of white.


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