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Hector Rodrigo Casagrande Gutiérrez[citation needed] is a recurring character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", and later a main character of its spin-off, The Casagrandes.


In "Señor Class" it was revealed that Hector never finished school, because he worked in the bodega since he was a little child.

Hector is the husband of Rosa, the father of Carlos and Maria, father-in-law of Frida, former father-in-law of Arturo and the grandfather of Carlota, CJ, Carl, Carlitos, Bobby, and Ronnie Anne. He runs the bodega that the Casagrande family has next to their building.


Hector appears to be a very caring father and grandfather, and is happy whenever his family comes over. He is very impressed with Bobby's ideas for how to run a store, and is more than happy to let Bobby take over the bodega in his place. He likes spreading gossips, but denies this whenever Rosa scolds him for that. He considers gossips as more trustworthy source of information than newspapers.

He is an overprotective grandfather ready to spy and track his grandchildren.

Hector is also very imaginative as he instantly assumed that a rat ate Ronnie Anne. He also claims that he is where CJ got his imagination from.

Hector isn't very intelligent, because he makes stupid mistakes like confusing his clothes with clothes of Carl and Carlota, or the aforementioned assumption that Ronnie Anne had been eaten by a rat. It is implied that Bobby inherited this trait from him.


He is a short, round man with tan skin, black eyebrows, a thick, bushy gray mustache, and gray hair at the sides of his head. He wears a tan shirt with an asparagus green jacket, that has patches on the elbows, olive green pants, and black shoes.


  • He gossips about Vito Filliponio whitening his teeth.
  • In "Operation Dad", he had a grudge against his ex-son-in-law.
  • His full name was revealed in "Away Game".
  • It is revealed in "Power Play with the Casagrandes", that he and Rosa were married for 40 years.
  • It is revealed in "Señor Class" that he is part Chinese on his mother's side.
    • This episode also reveals that he takes medication to prevent gas, and that he has owned Sergio at least since he was a preteen.
  • He and Carlitos are the only Casagrandes who do not have black hair.
    • However, Hector did have black hair when he was younger.
  • It's revealed in "Dynamic Do Over" that his ticklish spot is his neck.
    • Carl mistakenly believed that the ticklish spot is actually his armpit in that same episode.
  • "Battle of the Grandpas" reveals that he is strong enough to hold Lalo, albeit for a short amount of time, that he used to be a bull rider, that he can rap (but not very well) and fish, and that much like CJ and Carlitos, he can tolerate very spicy-tasting food. According to Vito, Hector can also eat a bowl of cereal off his belly with no hands.
  • "Arrr in the Family" reveals that he paid for Maria's college and nursing school.
  • "Walk Don't Run" reveals that he likes to nap in the park, and that he pays Carl five dollars to walk Lalo.
  • "Fast Feud" reveals that, due to living in Great Lakes City, which can be noisy at times, his whole life, he is a heavy sleeper.
  • "Face the Music with the Casagrandes" reveals that he has bunions, and that he used to have stage fright as a child, because he fell over during a first grade play, and a man in the audience shouted, "Viva que?!".
  • "Grandparent Trap" reveals that he wears a pair of shorts (that he thinks shrank, but Rosa thinks he got bigger) as underwear, that he keeps food in his shoes, and that he likes to sleep on the couch as it's near the kitchen.
  • "Señor Class" reveals that he has worked in stores since he was a preteen, and "Bo Bo Business" reveals that he has worked in the store he works in now for thirty years.
  • "New Roomie" reveals that Vito is his oldest friend.
  • "Dial M. for Mustard" reveals that fear can give him gas.
  • "Fool's Gold" reveals that despite his age and size, he can climb up buildings. It also reveals that the contacts on his cell phone are Rosa, Vito, Sergio, Stanley, Becca, Par, Mrs. Kernicky, Mr. Scully, and Maybelle.
  • "Taco the Town" reveals that he has bad aim and can neither fix a toilet nor bake.
  • "Achy Breaky Art" reveals that he doesn't like to talk to others in the mornings, preferring to read the news instead.
  • "Who's the Loudest?" reveals that he likes it when the circus comes to town, since the performers always buy from his store.
  • "Bend It Like Abuelo" reveals that he has a pair of underpants with jalapeño peppers on it that brings him good luck.
  • "Curse of the Candy Goblin" reveals that he prefers to eat tamales in his underpants.
  • According to "Summer Special", he eats two lunches.
  • "15 Candles" reveals that he uses hot shower water to heat up his burritos.
  • "Perro Malo" reveals that he was the one who adopted Lalo.
  • According to Carl in "Rook, Line, & Sinker", whenever Rosa serves churros, he eats the last one.



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