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"Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" is the forty-third episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-forty-fourth episode of The Loud House.


When Lynn's friend Margo is celebrated for a one-in-a-million soccer goal, Lynn has to try and be supportive.


Lynn and Margo have a soccer game today, but before they can play, they have to refuel, so they decide to go to the Burpin' Burger to get their favorite burger: the Double Belcher. After lunch, the two stand on the football field and play against the Beaverton Bees. During the game, the two teams end up tying the game and there's only one minute left. Lynn tries to score the winning goal but is surrounded by four players from the opposing team. With no way out, Lynn passes the ball to Margo, who then kicks it in with a bicycle kick. As a result, Margo is celebrated as a star while Lynn and Paula cheer them on.

The next day Margo is continuously praised by her classmates who always cheer her on when she passes by or when they watch a recorded video of the shot. She gets a free pass on a class test, her library fines are taken down for free, and Double Belcher is renamed Margo Miracle in her honor. In the end, it leaves Lynn extremely jealous, and when she sees Lincoln reacting to Margo's victory goal, Lynn decides that's enough.

After Margo scores that winning kick, an angered Lynn becomes jealous to the core.

During another soccer match, Lynn tries to make as stunning a shot as Margo, and despite some setbacks when the ball was kicked into trees and bushes, she managed to score an astonishing goal by head-butting the ball into the goal just before Margo gets a chance to kick it. As a result, Lynn gets all her attention back and receives all the special privileges Margo had received the day before. However, Margo is not happy about that and ignores Lynn at every possible moment. Before another soccer match, Lynn gives her teammates burgers (the Loud Rebound, formerly Margo Miracle) from Burpin' Burger, but when Margo refuses to catch her burger, Lynn asks Margo what her problem is, and Margo confesses that she's upset over the fact that Lynn spent the entire last game hoping to make a fantastic shot just to get the attention back. When Lynn argues that she deserves all recognition for her hard work in past games, Margo lashes out at her by saying that she doesn't mind being in Lynn's shadow, but when she sees that Lynn can't stand being in someone else's shadow, she declares her friendship with Lynn over.

During the game, Lynn attempts to apologize to Margo but keeps getting interrupted by the opposing team. With one minute left on the clock, Lynn has the opportunity to score the winning goal but proceeds to pass the ball to Margo instead. When Margo questions why Lynn didn't score, Lynn apologizes for her behavior and says that she should've been supportive rather than jealous. Margo accepts the apology and insists Lynn scores the winner, but Lynn wants Margo to do it. As the two go back and forth on who should make the winning goal, Paula suddenly arrives and kicks the ball into the goal, thus giving Paula all the attention.

No matter who's the famous one, they're still friends.

At the Burpin' Burger, Lynn, Margo, and Paula all have the Holla for Paula (formerly known as the Loud Rebound and Margo Miracle), and when Paula questions if a burger being named after her is weird to Lynn and Margo, the two states that they don't mind, saying that it tastes good, no matter who it's named after.


The teen girl has no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Cooked", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • This episode reveals that Margo's last name is Roberts.
  • This episode shows that alongside playing basketball, Paula also plays soccer.
    • It's also revealed that she takes German classes.
  • The title of this episode references the fact that while Lynn is hailed as a hero for winning the first game (Hero Today), her fame is taken away when Margo makes an amazing winning goal during the next game (Gone Tomorrow).
  • The father and daughter at the Burpin' Burger are caricatures of Miguel Puga and his daughter, Zoë.
  • During the final game, the rival team is from Tomball High School, which is named after Jordan Rosato's alma mater Lone Star College–Tomball.
  • This is the first episode where Brec Bassinger voices Margo.

International edits

  • In the German dub, Paula takes Biology classes instead of German classes.


  • Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "here today, gone tomorrow", meaning short-lived.
  • Margo's last name Roberts is most likely a reference to the actress Margot Robbie.
  • Golden Goal - The one-in-a-million soccer goal which Margo scored is a reference of the Golden Goal, a rule introduced by FIFA in 1992 and abolished in 2004.


  • Lucy was listed in the credits even though she didn't appear in the episode.
  • When Paula closes her locker before the final game, she closes it backward.
  • When the rival team is watching Lynn and Margo decided on who should score, a closeup shot shows that the four teammates are close to the goalie. But a wide shot shows that they're far from the goalie.


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