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"High Crimes" is the forty-fifth episode (forty-sixth production order) of the fifth season, the two-hundred-forty-fourth episode of The Loud House, as well as the final episode of the fifth season to air.


Sunset Canyon is falling apart and Lincoln and Clyde are determined to find out why... David Steele style.


As Lincoln and Clyde spend their day at Sunset Canyon with their grandmothers, they begin to realize that problems are starting to become more prevalent, like much of their sports equipment missing, the pudding machine being tampered with, and someone wrecking the heater. When the elders state that they might have to move out if the retirement home continues to suffer problems, Lincoln and Clyde proclaim that they must solve the mystery, a la David Steele style. After calling up Lisa to drop off their spy equipment, which ranges from bifocal cameras, hearing-aid two way radios, rocket dentures, and a remote walker launcher, the two begin to solve the mystery.

Entering Sunset Canyon disguised as elderly people, Lincoln and Clyde determine that they check the security cameras first. After knocking out the receptionist behind the counter by giving her a piece of Lisa's chamomile-flavored knockout candy, Lincoln and Clyde enter the security room, only to discover that someone had disabled the cameras, wanting to stay one step ahead. Suddenly, the two hear a thud in the pool room; it's Seymour, who had jumped into the now empty pool. Looking across the pool, they spot a janitor tampering with the pool controls, and believe he's responsible. They chase the janitor into the locker room and manage to stop him with the walker launcher. Suddenly, the janitor is revealed to Gayle, who reveals that she's actually going undercover as well to find the culprit, and the three decide to join forces. Looking at the pool control panel, Lincoln and Clyde, using special bifocal glasses, spot some shoeprints, and after sending the prints over to Lisa, Lincoln is informed that the prints are from non-orthopedic work boot. When Gayle states that everyone in Sunset Canyon wears orthopedic shoes, they come to the conclusion that the culprit is someone who doesn't work or live in Sunset Canyon.

After Lincoln and Clyde steal the guest book from the now broken-nosed receptionist, they and Gayle discover that the other three people who were present were Gus, Vic, and Flip, who were setting up a party to celebrate Tyler getting his DJ license earlier. First, Lincoln and Clyde interrogate Gus at his arcade, and after 20 minutes (the first 10 spent on playing games and the other 10 interrogating him), he's ruled out when his shoeprint didn't match. Second, Lincoln and Clyde interrogate Vic, who is selling balloons at Tall Timbers Park, but he reveals that he was wearing roller skates, immediately ruling him out. Lastly, Lincoln and Clyde interrogate Flip at his store, who is wrecking his store trying to catch a spider, and is ruled out when Flip says that he can't wear shoes until the wound on his right foot heals.

As Lincoln, Clyde and Gayle head back to Sunset Canyon, they discover that the seniors have started to pack their things, as Seymour states that the hot water doesn't work anymore, and the board has decided to shut the place down. As Gayle leaves to go pack her things, Clyde believes that they had failed in solving the mystery, but Lincoln refuses to give up, and they suggest that they check out the water heater. Entering the pitch-black basement, Clyde tries to turn on a light on his watch, but instead activates the walker launcher, where it breaks down the basement door and flies into a wall, causing gas to leak out. As Lincoln and Clyde talk, they realize the gas leaking out of the wall is helium, and as they look around, they discover countless canisters of helium present, as well as a machine sucking the gas out. This causes Lincoln and Clyde to realize that Vic is the culprit, and he appears, admitting to sabotaging Sunset Canyon in order to gain access to the helium suppository. With his intentions exposed, Vic proceeds to get away. As Lincoln and Clyde chase Vic out the building, they inform the elders of Vic's crimes and proceed to give chase as well. Vic proceeds to make his getaway by floating away with his balloons, and as Lincoln, Clyde and Gayle clutch onto him to prevent him from getting away, Lincoln activates a set of rocket-powered dentures that pops all of his balloons, causing them to plummet to the ground, but also succeeding in stopping Vic form getting away.

After Lincoln and Clyde tie up Vic, Scoots tells him that his punishment is to repair the damage he caused. As Scoots and Vic head to the hardware store, the other elders congratulate Lincoln and Clyde for saving their home, and Myrtle offers some candy she found as a reward. However, Lincoln and Clyde realize that they just ate Lisa's chamomile knockout candy they had given to the receptionist earlier, causing them to pass out.


Gus has no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode where Piotr Michael voices Pop-Pop. Since Fred Willard passed away in 2020, and Christopher Swindle stated that he voiced Pop-Pop for "Resident Upheaval" only, it is possible that Piotr will be Pop-Pop's new voice actor.
  • This episode takes place after "Electshunned", since Vic is shown to have gotten a new job after Mayor Davis fired him from being her campaign manager.
  • Vic states early in the episode that helium is expensive. This is true, as helium is a natural gas and the process needed to separate it into its pure form in order to be used properly can be expensive. It's also costly to store, as it's a lightweight gas.
  • Gus was the only suspect to not speak or get integrated onscreen.
  • Despite the episode getting leaked online in 2021, the episode aired early in Croatian before the U.S. airdate on Nicktoons CEE of the same year.


  • High Crimes - The title of this episode is a type of crime that can be done only by someone in a unique position of authority, which is political in character, who does things to circumvent justice.


  • When Clyde looked at Myrtle after caught the shuttlecock in her mouth, his pupils are gone.
  • When Lincoln, Clyde and Nana Gayle were reading the Guest Log book, Lincoln's shirt on his old man costumes is orange instead of yellow.
  • When Clyde says "Maybe I should let you explain first," the closed-captions spell "should let" as "shouldn't."

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