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Hole In One-derland is a miniature golf course located in Royal Woods. It was first seen in the episode "Back in Black".


Back in Black

When the sisters took notice on how Lucy has fallen for Rocky, Rusty's younger brother, they attempted to have the two together. Their main plan was for Lori to stage a romantic evening with Bobby at Hole in One-derland, and invite Lucy and Rocky so they can fall for each other. Throughout the night, Lucy fails to impress Rocky, and when she takes interest in coffin shaped decorations, Lori attempts to pull her away from them, but only succeeds in trapping Rocky in one of the coffins, ruining the trip.

Driving Ambition

When Lori realized that she lost her ability to play golf due to her anxiety, her siblings take her to Hole in One-derland so she can get her abilities back. Throughout the trip, Lori suffers from some kind of symptom, and her siblings tell her stories of how they managed to combat these symptoms when they too had them.

Senior Moment

When Lori eventually learned that doing crazy activities to make her senior year of high school memorable wasn't the best idea, she decided to catch up with her friends Carol and Roger at Hole in One-derland to apologize and just spend time together without doing anything crazy.

Lori Days

When Lori felt like she was missing out on her siblings' lives ever since she started college, she decided to spend her weekend to bond with them. After her attempts to bond with them on Saturday doesn't go as planned, she decided to bond with them on Sunday by first going to Hole in One-derland. As Lori tries to teach Lola some tricks regarding putting, three teens behind them grow impatient and tell them to just hit the ball, plain and simple. Lynn retaliated by threatening them into a world of pain should they cross them, and demonstrates her immense strength by bending a putter into a knot. When the three teens fall into a pond out of fear as a result, a park employee, angered at Lynn for causing trouble and damaging property, kicks the siblings out.


  • The name is a mashup of "hole in one" and "wonderland".



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