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*[[Lynner Takes All]]
*[[Lynner Takes All]]
*[[The Crying Dame]]
*[[The Crying Dame]]
*[[Snow Way Out]]
{{Promotional Videos}}
{{Promotional Videos}}

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Lincoln’s Holiday Gift Guide 🎁 The Loud House Nick

Lincoln’s Holiday Gift Guide 🎁 The Loud House Nick

Holiday Gift Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on November 27, 2017.


The promotional video talks about how in such a big family, gift giving can be a stressful situation. This video basically talks about the best possible way to give the Louds the right gift for the holiday.

  • Lincoln gets a rare Ace Savvy comic as a gift.
  • Lori gets a cell phone as a gift.
  • Leni gets a hair dryer as a gift.
  • Luna gets a guitar as a gift.
  • Luan gets a mic as a gift.
  • Lynn gets a board game as a gift.
  • Lucy gets a book of poetry as a gift.
  • Lana gets dog biscuits as a gift.
  • Lola gets a tiara as a gift.
  • Lisa gets a inter-dimensional portal device as a gift.
  • Lily gets a Burpin' Burger gift card as a gift.

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