The Loud House Holiday Party Guide 🎄 BONUS Clip Nick

The Loud House Holiday Party Guide 🎄 BONUS Clip Nick

Holiday Party Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on December 1, 2018.


It's Christmastime at the Loud House and the Louds are throwing a holiday party. 🎄 This video figures out WHO’S going to do WHAT so the Louds can get MERRY!

Lucy is first suggested to bring the holiday spirit, but she brings the wrong spirit. Lisa is suggested next, and then Mr. Grouse, but neither of them have the right spirit either. The host decides to get back to that one.

Luna, being the resident rocker, will be rockin' around the Christmas tree.

Leni is first suggested to cook the food, but the job is instead given to Lynn Sr. The host wonders if Lynn Sr. should be in charge of dessert too, but then decides that Lola, should do it because she loves sweets.

Leni can be in charge of decorations, if they look half as good as her outfits, then we should be good.

Lori can be in charge of presents because she's the oldest.

Lynn can be in charge of games, as long as she doesn't get to competitive.

Just then Lori opened everyone's presents early. Rita can rewrap the presents and hang the stockings, and Lily can help.

It's suggested that Lori be in charge of appetizers, but then it's settled on her being in charge of party props.

Lisa can help create snow.

Leni used all the decorations to make dresses, Lucy and Lana are placed in charge of decorations, and Leni is instead placed in charge of everyone's holiday outfits.

Lincoln wants to be in charge of entertainment, but the job is left to Luan, who's jokes really sleigh. Lincoln is instead placed in charge of party favours, Clyde can help him make chocolate pies to go.

Only Mr. Grouse is left, he's brought all the stuff he's borrowed from the Louds.

In the end, everyone brought the holiday spirit.

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