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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the Loud House episode in the first half of Season 3, see Selfie Improvement. For the Loud House episode in the second half of Season 3, see Home of the Fave. For the Season 4 episode of The Loud House, see Room for Improvement.
Episode Information

"Home Improvement" is the sixteenth episode of the second season, and the fifty-fourth episode of The Casagrandes.


Laird is nervous to host movie night at his house, so Ronnie Anne helps him pretend Arturo's pad is his own.


While Ronnie Anne, Sid, Casey, Sameer, Nikki and Laird skateboard at the park, Ronnie Anne brings up that it's movie night tonight for her friends. When she asks who's hosting tonight, Sid checks her list, and sees that it's Laird's turn tonight. This causes Laird to suddenly panic and crash into Bruno's hot dog cart. Laird tries to weasel out of hosting, but his friends have had enough of his numerous lies, and state that he'll be hosting. Ronnie Anne asks Laird what's wrong, and Laird admits that he doesn't want their friends to see his house because of how it's "a money thing". At that moment, Ronnie Anne gets a call from Arturo, who is currently on vacation and swimming with dolphins. This makes Laird come up with the idea that they can hold movie night at his place and pretend it's his.

At Arturo's apartment, Ronnie Anne and Laird proceed to "Laird-ify" everything in the apartment so that it looks like his place and not Arturo's. After numerous amounts of modifications, their friends arrive. Laird attempts to give his friends a tour of the house, nearly letting some of Arturo's belongings slip the truth out, like some art from Peru, a juicer he doesn't know the controls to, and a chocolate box for Ronnie Anne. After some close calls, like calling the art hockey gear, Ronnie Anne operating the juicer, and faking that he has a crush on Ronnie Anne, the gang proceeds to start the movie.

In the living room, after throwing their phones into a drawer that gets stuck, the gang proceeds to start their movie: Evil Hat Man: The Brimming. Unbeknownst to them, Arturo has arrived home, having cut his trip short after he unknowingly told the dolphins to attack him. He tries to open the door, and the gang suddenly hears the noise coming from the door. Nikki peeks through the eye hole, and discovers a silhouette shaped exactly like Hat Man, making everyone believe it's him. Peeking through the hole again, Nikki discovers "Hat Man" is gone, only to realize that he's trying to climb through the window. Ronnie Anne stops him by throwing a cactus at him, and Nikki proceeds to lock the window. Seeing people in his apartment, Arturo believes they're thieves with the intention of stealing his juicer. He tries to get the police involved, but they refuse to come, finding his reasoning petty. At the same time, the gang, after failing to obtain their phones from the stuck drawer, proceed to defend the apartment. After Arturo climbs through the bathroom window (as Sameer left it open out of consideration), he exits the bathroom, and the gang proceeds to attack him by spraying liquified chocolate onto him, flinging a pineapple at him, and shoving him into his couch. With their mission accomplished, Ronnie Anne pulls out the couch and sees first hand it's actually Arturo. When Arturo questions why she and her friends are hanging in his apartment, let alone all of Laird's things decorating the place, Laird admits that the apartment is not his. He explains his plan to everyone saying that he didn't want his friends to see his real house out of fear that he'd be treated differently. However, they reveal that they would still be friends with him, no matter where he lived. After apologizing to Arturo, Laird decides to have movie night set at his house.

Upon arriving to Laird's place, the gang is shocked to learn that Laird actually lives in a mansion. Awestruck at how great the place is, Arturo asks if he can pretend the place is his.



  • This is the first episode where Yvette E. Dibello is credited as line producer.
  • Second half of the episode is similar to second half of episode "Lock 'n' Loud", because in both cases main character tries to stop a burglar, who turns out to be father.
  • This is the third time Casey, Nikki and Sameer are lied by their friend only to learn it was needless. Previously this occurred in "City Slickers" and "Trend Game".
  • This episode reveals that:
    • Laird comes from a wealthy family that lives in a mansion.
    • according to one of Laird's photos, he has needed his glasses ever since he was a baby.
    • Arturo can speak to dolphins.
  • This is the last episode where Christian Simon voices Casey.
    • Not counting the vocal effects heard in "Zoo-mergency!", this is also the last episode where Nour Jude Assaf voices Sameer.
  • Irony: First Laird asked to pretend that he lives in Arturo's home, later Arturo asked to pretend to live in Laird's home.
  • Innuendo: As Laird begs Ronnie Anne to let him host movie night at Arturo's apartment, he kneeled in what Ronnie Anne thought was relish. However, Bruno confirms that "that ain't relish."



  • Cartoon physics: When Arturo pulls the cactus off of his face, his facial hair gets ripped off along with it; but a second later, it's back on his face.
  • When Arturo speaks to the dolphins, the dolphin is shown to have nostrils on its snout, when in actuality, they should be on its head.
  • Possible plot hole: Sid snuck into Arturo's apartment in "Teacher's Fret", so she would have known that the apartment was his. However, it is possible that this episode takes place before "Teacher's Fret".


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