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"Homespun" (also rendered as "Home-Spun") is the fifty-second episode, as well as the Season 1 finale of The Loud House.


The children complain about their house, but they start to feel differently after a tornado threatens to destroy it.


As Lincoln takes out the garbage, he hears Lori screaming from upstairs. It turns out that the doorknob to the bathroom door broke off, and now Lori is trapped inside. Lori tries to break out, but slips on a puddle, and causes the shower pole to plummet onto her head. Upset at all the misfortune she's receiving, Lori yells out that the house is literally falling apart. Lincoln points out that Lori's right, and explains that between them, the rest of the sisters, all their pets, and their parents (who insist on fixing everything themselves), their house is a complete disaster.

The kids are in the basement, reminiscing the good and bad times of the Loud House...

Lincoln proves his point when he explains that the house suffers from things like faulty water pressure, creaky floorboards, rotting wood, a clunky furnace, crummy TV signals, the numerous times that doorknobs and door handles have broken off from stuff, and the malfunctioning mailbox, which falls on Lincoln's foot. When Lincoln complains that there wasn't even a breeze strong enough to knock the mailbox off its post, Lisa proves him wrong when she explains (through some meteorological instruments) that wind speeds are increasing significantly, which indicates that a big storm is coming--possibly a tornado. Lincoln's skeptical at first, but then he and the rest of their sisters (along with their parents) discover that Lisa's right when a meteorologist announces that a tornado watch has just been issued for the Royal Woods-area. Mr. and Mrs. Loud tell the kids to wait in the basement while they go to secure the TV antenna.

While waiting in the basement, the kids are scared, but Lisa assures her siblings that just because there's a tornado watch, that doesn't mean an actual tornado is going to happen--she also adds that most housing structures can withstand wind speeds of at least eighty miles an hour (though Luan makes a joking statement that contradicts Lisa's last statement). Pretty soon, the kids begin remarking all the times when the house began falling apart. Those include:

  • The first time Bobby came over after he and Lori first started dating, and began experiencing all the flaws of the house.
  • The house walls being so thin, the whole house can hear whenever other people are talking.
  • Water leaking from the walls, because someone flushed the toilet.

When Lisa gets new information that wind speeds have greatly decreased, the kids are relieved, yet go into another series of flashbacks that explains all the good times they had living in their house which include:

  • The basement being flooded when the last big storm hit them, and the dumped out water resulting in their own personal swimming hole.
  • Possums chewing up their wiring, cutting off all Internet access, and TV signals, though they entertain themselves by acting like pioneers, after reading a series of books owned by their father.
  • The air conditioner malfunctioning, resulting in the living room freezing over, and the kids turning it into their personal winter wonderland.
  • Slanting floors, which allows items to slide from one room to another, without anyone having to get up to grab them.
  • A hole in the bathroom floor, allowing Lynn (or anyone else) to get more toilet paper from the first floor (courtesy of someone else).
  • The broken doorbell, resulting in the kids getting free pizza.
  • The kids repainting the house as a gift for their parents' wedding anniversary. When it turns out disastrous, they respectfully repaint it back to normal. When they finished, they put their handprints (all in their respective theme colors) on the side of the house.

As the kids laugh at all the good times, Lisa's equipment begins acting up again. Lisa examines the information that's provided, stating that the wind speed has greatly increased again, but now it's to the point that the tornado watch is about to become a tornado warning. The tornado strikes down, causing the thunder to begin roaring uncontrollably and the electricity to begin flickering. As the kids huddle in fear, they admit they were too harsh on the house and take back everything bad they said about it. As the kids shiver in fear at the impending doom, the storm suddenly ceases. When Lisa says it's clear, they all exit the basement to check on how the house looks.

The doorknob breaks again...

Outside, the kids and parents look at their house with concern and a passing bicyclist comments that their house looks pretty beat up. The house turns out to be just the same and Lincoln tells the bicyclist that's the way the house always is, and they like it just the way it is. The family are about to head back inside, but the doorknob to the front door breaks off, resulting in everybody saying "Dang it".


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" and "The Complete First Season" DVDs.


  • This is the last episode produced for Season 1, but was aired midway through the season.
  • This is another one of the few times where the rest of the Loud siblings actually finds one of Luan's jokes/puns to be funny.
  • Lincoln is sitting at the adult table again in Luna's flashback, which he tried to get to in "A Tale of Two Tables".
  • Luan, Lana, and Lisa are the only siblings not to share any flashbacks about the house.
    • Technically, however, Luan did share a flashback through Lily's babbling.
  • It is revealed that Luan has the ability to translate Lily's babbling.
  • It is revealed that Lori's earrings were a gift from Bobby.
  • For the first time since the beginning of the series, at the end of the episode, the airplane tree and the Frisbee and boomerang on top of the roof are not there, although these toys would be present again in the same places.
  • It's been confirmed that a flashback of Clyde's backstory was cut from this episode.
  • Patchy Drizzle made his first aired appearance in this episode, but "Snow Bored" was his actual debut in production order.
  • The only "damages" the house apparently suffered during the tornado was a semi-broken window upstairs and the gutter hanging at the bottom.

The Loud siblings' anniversary present for their parents.

  • The color of the hand prints each Loud sibling places on the house all match the colors they appear in the show's theme song.
  • Innuendo: When Leni said the leaks she was surrounded by in her story was caused by a flushed toilet, Luan said a pun "Urine trouble then!" to reference it, causing her siblings to groan.


Hooray for "Peanuts" reference!

  • Homespun - The title is a reference to the term "homespun" means simple and unsophisticated.
  • Jared Morgan - Lincoln's model ship box that says "Morgan Models ship" is a reference to the staff member of the show.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas - During the scene where Lynn Sr. tries to fix the TV antenna, one of the programs that comes on is a parody of the film's opening scene.
  • Duran Duran - Lucy's book shown in her flashback is titled "Hungry Like a...", along with a picture of a wolf, referencing the band's 1982 song "Hungry Like the Wolf".
  • The Mona Lisa - In Lynn Sr.'s book, there is a picture that resembles this painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Starship Troopers - During one flashback, a makeshift covered wagon has a "Starship Groupers" blanket, which is a parody of the 1959 sci-fi novel. The novel was parodied before in "Changing the Baby", which makes its second reference.


  • During the montage of doorknobs breaking off, when Lynn and Luna's scenes are featured, their voices are swapped when they each say "dang it."
    • In the Polish version of the same scene, Lynn speaks with Lana's voice.
  • When Lynn tried to tell another "hole in the bathroom floor" story, some of her hair is missing.
  • After Lynn's flashback, Lincoln is far away from Lori. However, when the scene zooms in, Lincoln is closer to her.
    • Also, Lynn, Lana, and Lola change places during that scene.
  • When the Loud kids were painting the house back to normal in Lily's flashback, Lori was holding onto Lily while she was painting the house, but in the very next scene, Lily is out of Lori's grasp.
  • When the kids painted the house, the boomerang and frisbee on the roof were literally painted over.
  • When Lynn Sr. pulls the map out of the box, the patch on his left arm is missing, but it's back when he's holding the box full of stuff. It was missing again on his right arm when he and Rita were coming down to the basement.
  • When Lynn Sr. tells a joke in the flashback of possums chewing the wires, Luan groans with the others even though she laughs at his other jokes.

Rope before the tornado

How did the rope get so long?

I gotta hand it to you Luan; you're loosing your left hand already!

  • When the tornado ended, the yellow rope of the red swing is so long it would touch the ground. But in previous episodes, the rope is much shorter.
  • Luna is seen with her acoustic guitar when the siblings are in the basement. But during the tornado warning, her guitar is gone.
  • When Lincoln said, "You might be old and creaky and full of leaks, but you're ours. And we love you!", Luna is close to her siblings. But in the next shot, as the siblings are trembling in fear, she's a couple feet away from them.
  • In the flashback of the faulty water pressure, and the twins are brushing their teeth, Lola's toothbrush is pink, but when Lana says she will borrow water from Charles' bowl, her toothbrush turns blue like Lana's.
  • When the house is seen before the tornado, it has no mailbox, but after the tornado, the box is next to the teddy bear in front of the house.
  • When the camera cuts back to Lori right after Lynn says she found her missing earring, we can see that Lori is wearing both earrings.
  • When the siblings were carrying the bucket of water from the flood in the basement, Luan's left hand was missing.


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