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Hops is a minor character in The Loud House.


Hops is one of Lana's pet frogs, and is shown to be rather intelligent, as he is unhappy with Lincoln for pressuring Lana to be something that she was not, and gave Lincoln advice as to how to persuade the principal and his teacher not to dissect the frogs for his biology class.

Hops' first major role was in "Toads and Tiaras", where he provided a bass line during the talent portion of the beauty pageant, allowing Lana to win, and receive the season passes to Dairyland.

Hops also went on the family trip in "Raw Deal".

In "Frog Wild", it is revealed how Lana met Hops. She was playing in a pond one day, and they grew so attached to each other, that Lana had to bring him home, and keep him as her pet and friend.

In "Fed Up", Lana used Hops' sticky tongue to sabotage her dad's cooking by taking his can of baked beans.

In "Fool's Paradise", Lana mentions him in a prayer before going to sleep.

In "Garage Banned", he was seen with Lana.

In "Snow Way Out", he helps Lana get the "kids eat free" coupon from the cash register, and then shows Lana how much her obsession with the winning wrapper is hurting her siblings.

In "Selfie Improvement", Hops appears with Lana after she finishes adjusting the septic system for the toilet. He also briefly posed for Lori's bathroom selfie.

In "Pipe Dreams", he was trying to catch a fly.

In "Scales of Justice", he helps save the Fishmans from getting killed.

In "Sitting Bull", he can seen watching TV with the rest of the Loud children.

In "Game Boys", he can be seen playing with Lana.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lana is seen training Hops, Charles, Bitey, and El Diablo.

In "Cooked!", he and Lana come up with promotion for her dad's restaurant.

It is unknown if Hops is Lana's first pet frog, or if she had him while she had Seymour or got him after Seymour. But it would appear that she had Seymour before him, but since it is unknown if Seymour is real or not, it is unknown if this is true.

He enjoys eating flies and various grubs and things, especially with Lana.


Hops is a standard looking green frog, with yellowish green spots.

In A Loud House Christmas, his live-action counterpart is an African bullfrog.


Hops is very intelligent for a frog, because he understands Lana and complex situation that happens around her. He's Lana's best friend and is always eager to help her.


  • His name is one of the achievements in the game Welcome to the Loud House.
  • He has a lighter shade of green from other frogs that have been seen in the series as shown in "Frog Wild".
  • Hops has teeth, despite the fact that most frogs don't have teeth, especially his species.
  • Lana appears to have taught him how to use the toilet, as shown in "Predict Ability" and "Scales of Justice".
  • "Who's the Loudest?" reveals that he croaks in his sleep.
  • "Loud and Proud" reveals that he apparently knows how to make potato salad, but that he adds flies to it.
  • He is the only animal character to appear in A Loud House Christmas.
    • However, Geo is visible on the poster for the film.

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