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This article is about the Season 4 episode. For the Season 1 episode, see House Music. For the Season 3 episode, see House of Lies.
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"House Flip" is the thirty-sixth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


After causing Flip to get hurt, the kids sneak him into the attic to care for him without Mom and Dad knowing.


The kids are getting themselves ready to leave in Vanzilla. However, due to the kids' reckless behaviors, Lori ends up backing the van right into some trash cans. When Rita and Lynn Sr., who have been altered by the noise, inspect the damage, they discipline them by saying that if Vanzilla gets one more dent, their driving privileges will be suspended indefinitely.

Thanks to the siblings, Flip got crushed.

After refueling the van at Flip's, the siblings are prepared to leave. However, when they argue over what they should listen to on the radio, Lori accidentally bumps the gear stick into reverse, causing a domino effect that results in the roof of the building landing right on top of Flip, crushing him. At the hospital, the doctor tells Flip that his injuries will heal in a week. The kids, waiting outside his hospital room, realize that they're responsible for his injuries and decide that they heal him themselves as long as Rita and Lynn Sr. don't find out.

As the kids drive home with Flip roped on top of the vehicle, they nearly get exposed by their parents, but manage to evade them long enough to get Flip into the attic. After getting him into the attic, the kids tell him that he must stay inside. Later, as the kids eat dinner, they sneak off some of their portions to give to Flip. As they exit the attic, Rita arrives and asks what they were doing in there, and the kids give off an exaggerated lie that Rita falls for. When Lincoln confirms that as long as they keep Flip hidden, they won't get into trouble. However, they are unaware that Flip had been using Lisa's stethoscope to listen in on the entire conversation.

As the week progresses, Flip proceeds to take advantage of the kids' generosity, much to their growing frustrations.

  • Day 2: The siblings discover that Flip has moved himself to Lincoln's room, saying it's more comfortable, and Lori tells Lincoln that Flip needs it as long as he doesn't tattle on them.
  • Day 3: Lynn and Lola bring Flip some food, but get annoyed with his requests, while Lucy is tasked to scratch his injured toe (a task that even Fangs is too grossed out to do).
  • Day 4: When Flip struggles to use a tablet, he suggests to Lincoln, Luna and Luan that they do some live entertainment. He gives the three a script he wrote, and they begrudgingly play their roles for him (which involves the three dressing in funny costumes and Lincoln flatly delivering his joke by throwing pies into Luna and Luan's faces).
  • Day 5: In Lori and Leni's room, Lori cuts Flip's toenails while Leni pulls out any stray nose hairs, much to their disgust.
  • Day 6: The siblings discover that Flip has headed downstairs (the part of the house he was forbidden to be in, as Rita and Lynn Sr.'s room is there), watching the late-night shopping channel. Suddenly, Lynn Sr. wakes up, and the siblings stall him long enough to keep Flip out his sight.

On the final day, Lynn Sr. needs to use the bathroom, but discovers someone is already using it. To make matters worse, he discovers that none of the kids are using it. As the kids desperately try to fool Lynn Sr. into thinking one of them is in there, Flip suddenly opens the door. Realizing they've been exposed, the kids admit to having got into another accident in Vanzilla and it resulted in Flip getting injured, so they opted to take care of him without them knowing, saying it was the right thing to do. As a result, Rita and Lynn Sr., upset that their children not only got into another accident, but also have been lying to them about it, take away their driving privileges indefinitely. However, Flip tells them to go easy on them, since they did take care of him. Realizing they went overboard, the parents decide to cut back on the discipline and revokes their driving privileges for the rest of the month. As a thanks for helping him get better, Flip decides to give the kids free Flippees once their ban is lifted.

The next day, Rita and Lynn Sr. drop off a fully recovered Flip at his store. Suddenly, when Lynn Sr. jams to a cowbell song on the radio, he accidentally bumps the gear stick into reverse, causing a domino effect that results in the roof of the building landing right on top of Flip, crushing him again. With his injuries back, Flip is now being catered by Rita and Lynn Sr., effectively putting them through the same struggle their own kids had to endure.


Kotaro has no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Starlet Express - Werner Tautz [Title card.]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 2" DVD.


The released script.

  • This episode was revealed by Jessica DiCicco on Instagram nearly ten months before this episode premiered.

If Flip was the showrunner.

  • Flip breaks the fourth wall in this episode by making Lincoln, Luna and Luan do some skits he wrote, complete with a homemade title card saying that The Loud House was created by him.
  • Rita is revealed to be afraid of snakes in this episode.
    • In an ironic sense, Lana has several pet snakes.
  • This episode has a different look from Bun-Bun.
  • At the end of the episode, if one looks closely on Flip's cast, Lana signed her name, and someone else wrote "DIBS!"
  • Irony:
    • Rita and Lynn Sr. declare themselves to be good parents, despite leaving Lily on the front porch.
    • The parents scold the kids for denting the van, but they did it too at the end.

International edits

  • A part of the hospital scene was censored in the UK airing, which was unknown until the episode aired elsewhere. The following underlined text was cut due to its dark humor:
    • Lynn: "But how can we do that without Mom and Dad finding out what we did?"
      Luan: "Yeah, we'll lose Vanzilla privileges forever!"
      Lucy: "We can hide him in the morgue. A few beds just opened up."
      Luan and Lisa: [uncomfortable about that idea.] "Ugh."
      Lincoln: "Or we could just hide him in our attic."


  • House Flip - The title of this episode is a reference to the real estate term "flipping houses", which is a quick-profit strategy in which an investor purchases real estate at a discount price and improves the property in order to sell it at a higher price.
  • Kilroy was here - The way Flip appears on the title card is similar to this symbol that became popular during WWII, which depicts a bald-headed man with a prominent nose peeking over a wall with his fingers clutching the wall.
  • Belle and Sebastian - Lynn Sr. professes his love for a cowbell-themed band called Cowbell and Sebastian, a nod to this Scottish rock band.
  • The Nutcracker - The radio plays a part of this ballet.


"House Philip"?

  • On the Hebrew title card, Flip's name (פליפ) is misspelled as "פיליפ" (Philip).
    • Amusingly, Flip's real name Philip would later be revealed in "A Flipmas Carol".
  • When Flip is at the hospital, he has bandages wrapped around his left arm. But for the rest of the episode, his arm has no bandages.
  • When Flip is listening to the siblings' conversation through the stethoscope, the cast on his left leg is missing.
  • When Lincoln, Luna, and Luan are doing the skit, Lincoln is missing his freckles at one point.
    • Also in the same scene, Luan's right sleeve was missing.
  • On Day 6, when the siblings are peeking out of their rooms, Lana has her hat on. Then when they go downstairs to find Flip watching TV, Lana doesn't have her hat. But she has it on again when she says "All clear".
  • When the siblings are pointing to their Dad while Flip was in the bathroom, Luan's scrunchie is missing.
  • During Luan's line at the hospital, her braces are drawn over the spaces in between her teeth rather than over each tooth where they would belong.
  • When the camera pans up after Flips falls from the top of Vanzilla, Lynn's pupils are gone.
  • When Lincoln ask Flip what's he doing in his room, he walks in at the wrong angle.
  • When Lynn and Lola bring a plate of food for Flip, the floor outside Lincoln's room isn't textured.


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