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"House of Lies" is the thirty-third episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-thirty-fourth episode of The Loud House.


After witnessing an excess of lying in the family, Lisa invents lie-detecting glasses to try and curb the fibs.


At the Loud House, Lana requests to be driven to the dumpster by Lori, and Lori, not wanting to do that, lies by saying that she has homework to do. When Lana heads back up, Lori reveals that she's going to the mall. This act catches Lisa's attention. Later, Leni arrives home, her hair dyed orange. The siblings pretend to love her new hair color when they actually hate it. At dinner time, Lynn Sr. presents a cabbage casserole, and while he gets fish sauce, the family, who secretly hate the dish, discretely dispose of it all. These acts provoke Lisa, who, while in her room, realizes that if she wants the house to be a better place, she must come up with a way to stop her family's constant lying. Soon enough, she begins working on a new invention.

S3E18A Lisa explains her invention

With her new glasses, Lisa can detect any lie within her presence...

The next day, while everyone is eating breakfast, Luna and Luan are arguing over instrument use, when suddenly, Lisa, with her new invention, says that Luan has told a lie, and reveals that her newest invention is pair of glasses that are built to detect lies. Throughout the day, Lisa uses her glasses to force her siblings to tell the truth, such as Lynn saying she trashed the bathroom, Lucy telling Rita that the newest addition to her novel is bad, Luan telling Lily that her drawing is terrible, and Leni telling Lori that she used up all the hot water while showering. While getting a box of juice, Lisa is encountered by her enraged family members, where they demand her to stop using her lie-detecting glasses. Lisa denies, saying that she's "doing what's best for this family," and disagrees with Rita's statement that a little white lie can help smoothen things out. Realizing she won't stop, the family realizes there's one thing to do: destroy the glasses. At night, as Lisa sleeps, the family members sneakily get the glasses and manage to destroy them, as well as toss the remains out.

The next day, Lisa discovers the destroyed remains of her lie-detecting glasses, and the family feigns concern over its destruction. Lisa, knowing that they're lying and because they want her to stop with the truths, reveals that she had a backup plan: she installed lie-detecting cameras all over the house that are protected from any sort of contact with protective shields. Throughout the day, the family is forced to tell the truth in any given situation, ranging from Lincoln telling Leni that her new haircut is awful, Lucy telling Rita once again that her addition to her novel is terrible, and Lori being forced to take Lana to the dump. At dinner time, Lynn Sr. once again presents cabbage casserole topped with fish sauce. However, the family, upset at having the tell the truth all day, tell Lynn Sr. what they really think of his dish, prompting him to toss the dish out the window in frustration, and instead gives them cereal. As the family eats their cereal in a huff, Lisa attempts to lighten the mood by asking Luan, Rita, and Lori for some interesting anecdotes, but because of how everyone feels about what they talk about, they all decline and leave, leaving Lisa all alone. Lisa still thinks that her family being angry at each other is worth them no longer being dishonest, but the cameras call her out for lying to herself. Eventually, Lisa admits that she has caused more harm than good, and realizes that there's only one way to fix it.

S3E18A Louds beat the system

Lisa has finally learned that lies can be kept in the Loud House.

In the living room, Lisa calls for her family, and when they arrive, she says that while she still sees the truth as a good thing, she accepts that a little white lie can be good as well, seeing how it makes things smooth. The family is happy that Lisa has accepted lies, and Lisa is prepared to have the cameras disabled. However, the cameras still have their protective shields, making Lisa get another idea. She instructs the family to go into different locations in the house and orders them to tell various lies. Eventually, the family tells so many lies, the system overloads, and explodes, successfully disabling the cameras. Lynn Sr. decides to celebrate by making squid ink surprise, and Lisa, not wanting to tell her father that it's a bad dish, fibs that she approves. When Lynn Sr. heads to the kitchen, the others commend Lisa for getting used to telling lies.



  • This is the first episode directed by Darin McGowan.
  • This is the last episode where Collin Dean voices Lincoln, although he would voice Lincoln in the short "Speaking Sibling" two years later.
  • Lynn wears her ninja outfit from "Insta-gran" when the family was trying to destroy Lisa's lie-detecting glasses.
  • Leni was able to unlock a padlock with a hairpin as she did in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House."
  • The lies told by the family:
    • Lincoln
      • Telling Leni her new haircut is great.
    • Lori:
      • Telling Lana she has homework to do instead of taking Lana to the dump.
      • Saying the Earth is flat.
    • Leni:
      • Telling Lori she took a five-minute shower.
    • Luna:
      • Telling Leni her orange hair is great.
    • Luan:
      • Telling Luna she didn't take her gong.
      • Telling Lily her drawing is great.
    • Lynn:
      • Telling Leni her orange hair is great.
      • Denying she trashed the bathroom.
      • Saying she lost her appetite.
      • Saying that 1 + 1 = 6.
    • Lucy:
      • Telling Leni her orange hair is great.
      • Telling Rita her newest addition to her novel is great.
    • Lana:
      • Saying that the moon is made of blue cheese.
    • Lola:
      • Saying Lynn Sr.'s cabbage casserole smells great.
    • Lisa:
      • Saying that her experiment is best for her family.
  • On this episode's promotional image, the three notes on Lisa's chalkboard reference some of her past activities:
    • "Won the Junior Nobel Prize" - "Making the Case"
    • "Invented gravity shoes" - "Ties That Bind"
    • "Discovered an owl/deer hybrid" - "Raw Deal"
      • Also, the subtitle points out that one of the three facts is fake. The owl/deer hybrid fact is the fake fact, as it was revealed to be a hoax.
  • Leni came home from the hair salon as a redhead, which is a callback from "Anti-Social" when she tries different hair colors in the bathroom.
  • This episode reveals that Leni has a widow's peak hairline, just like Luan.
  • According to Lana, Vanzilla once had carpeting, when she states that Leni's orange hair looks like "the old carpeting in Vanzilla."
  • This episode reveals that Lisa takes her nap at noon. Seeing as it was dinnertime when she woke up, it is implied that she slept for about 5-7 hours.
  • Irony:
    • Lisa thought that enforcing the truth on her family would bring them closer, but it only drove them apart.
      • The security system even acknowledges this by saying "talk about irony" when Lisa admits that her experiment was a failure.
    • Lisa thought that lying was wrong; but, in the end, she lies to herself.


  • House of Lies - The title is of this episode shares its name with the television series of the same name.
  • The Moon is made of green cheese - Lana saying the moon is made of blue cheese references this fanciful belief.
  • Flat Earth - Lori's line, "The Earth is literally flat," is based on this obsolete scientific theory.
  • Mullet - Leni's spiky haircut could reference this haircut that was popular in the 1980s.
  • Spy vs. Spy - According to Darin McGowan, the "V for Victory" pose the family did after destroying the lie-detecting glasses pays homage to this recurring Mad comic strip.[1]


S3E18A Luna and Luan arguing

Um, Luna, where's your paper-clip?

  • During Luna and Luan's argument in the kitchen, the paperclip on Luna's right ear is missing. She doesn't even have a pierced ear.
    • Also in the first scene of their argument, Luan is missing her eyelashes.
  • During Lynn's lines, "Do you guys smell something nasty?" and "Ditch it before we have to eat the fish sauce!", her bottom hair is missing.



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