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All relationships that Howard McBride has with his family and friends.


Howard cares relatively deeply for Clyde. He tucks him in bed every night, unless Clyde is having a sleepover at Lincoln's house. He has memorized all of the needs (earplugs, an inhaler, and allergy medications, among other things). Both Howard and his son tend to faint very frequently. Clyde does it when he is around Lincoln's eldest sister Lori, and Howard does it when he is overwhelmed. Since he is the chef of the house, Howard always packs lunch for school everyday.


He is shown to get along relatively well with his husband. Harold commonly tries to calm Howard down when he gets too emotional. The couple are shown to have similar hobbies and enjoy each other's company, rarely being seen without the other. They love each other dearly, as shown by their numerous pet names for each other and how Howard always looks to Harold when he needs help.

Loud Family

Howard is on friendly terms with the Loud family, though having all 11 children over at once was overwhelming for him. When Lisa suggested that they have a sleepover, he and Harold snapped and drove them all back to their house and returned home, passing out from exhaustion shortly afterwards.

Despite this experience, Howard and his family happily joined the Louds on their goodwill mission to give Mr. Grouse the best Christmas ever. He was overcome with the Christmas spirit, and began to cry, with Harold joining him soon after.


Although Howard is overprotective of Clyde, he trusts Lincoln and always lets him hang out with his son.


Lori appreciates Howard's wisdom and asks him for advice in "Attention Deficit". When taking a personality quiz Lori asks whether she is more like an Autumn or Winter, he states to her that she is definitively a Summer.


Howard appears to be aware that Leni is not very bright. When she visit the McBride residence along with the rest of her sisters, she asks where her bedroom is, and he reminds her that she is not even in her own house. Howard helped Leni, along with Harold, to finish the makeup on her face, and she was satisfied with the result.


Howard and Luna share a fondness for music and both can play numerous musical instruments.


Howard shares Luan's sense of humor and does not think her jokes are bad. When she is seen telling him a joke ("And the woodpecker is that I tell knock-knock jokes!"), he plays a drum rim shot on his drum set and smiles.


Howard and Lucy's relationship hasn't been explored very much. Lucy once staged a pretend funeral for Howard after he fainted.


Howard helped Lola to be ambidextrous for "The Little Miss Ambidextrous Pageant."

Dr. Lopez

In "Overnight Success", it is implied that Dr. Lopez has tried to help Howard learn to control his emotions.

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