This page describes all of Hugh's relationships with The Loud Family.

Lincoln Loud

S1E26A Lincoln grabs a bag

Hugh tutoring Lincoln.

He greeted Lincoln amiably when they first met, and Lincoln returned the gesture. He seemed to get along with Lincoln well, as Lincoln was not crazy over Hugh like his sisters, father, and pets were. He tried to help Lincoln with his tutoring, and didn't mind when Lincoln had to constantly switch locations to avoid his sisters. Lincoln got annoyed when his family interfered, telling them to leave them alone. When Lincoln managed to answer all the questions Hugh asked correctly, Hugh advised the reason he was failing was probably in his head, and he was more than capable of acing his classes.

Loud sisters

S1E26A Hugh blushes

Hugh blushing in embarrassment.

They all developed instant crushes on him, expect for Lily. Hugh for the most part seemed oblivious that they had crushes on him and treated them kindly. He was fearful of them when they started crowding them, though he tells Lincoln they seemed very spirited. When they tried to get his attention by asking for help, he acted kindly and assisted them, like Lori with her window, or helping Lisa teach Lola about human anatomy. He became uncomfortable when they used more aggressive tactics to spend time with him, such as Lucy spooking him and telling him a poem or Lola inviting him to a tea party. He eventually ran away from them after he was done tutoring Lincoln.

Lynn Loud Sr.

S1E26A Dad introduces himself to Hugh

Lynn Sr. hugging Hugh.

Lincoln's father wanted to spend time with Hugh since he was British and Lynn Sr. wanted to show off his British accent and talk about British culture. Hugh seemed uncomfortable for the most part though tolerated Lynn Sr. When he left after finishing tutoring Lincoln, Lynn Sr. chased after Hugh along with his daughters and pets.

Loud pets

S1E26A Walt on Hugh's shoulder

Walt perches next to Hugh.

S1E26A Charles and Cliff like Hugh too

Charles and Cliff snuggled near Hugh's legs.

Like the sisters, most of the pets fell for Hugh and snuggled near him (with the exception of Geo).

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