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Hunter Spector, AKA the "Spectre Hunter", is a minor character in The Loud House.


Hunter is the leader of the Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters (ARGGH!).

He first appears in "Left in the Dark", announcing one of the best ARGGH! episodes of all time, where he is sent to the "scariest place of any home", which is the basement.

He later reappears in "Cover Girls", in which Lincoln and Clyde are watching an episode where Hunter goes to what appears to be a haunted house, and is about to take down a ghost in a bathroom in the next episode.

He came back as a voice cameo in "No Such Luck".

He came back as an onscreen cameo in "Kick the Bucket List".

He plays a major role in "ARGGH! You for Real?", with Lincoln and Clyde attending one of his filmings when his tour brought him to Royal Woods. The two discover that many of the ghost captures taking place on the show were staged, leading to Clyde's loss of belief in the show. Lincoln speaks to Hunter who laments that the show's schedule demands more than his passion hunts can deliver. The two team up to stage a real and convincing capture to restore Clyde's belief in him, only to be scared out of the mansion by an actual ghost.


Hunter is a generally friendly, and well-meaning person who values his fans, and felt truly awful when he ruined Clyde's belief in ghosts. Hunter was willing to stage a ghost adventure without any profit or publicity in order to help cheer up Clyde, further showing his genuine care and respect for his fans. Underneath his theatrical persona, Hunter has an authentic passion for ghost hunting, but due to TV scheduling, he resorts to staged adventures to meet the network demands.


Hunter has light fair skin, orange reddish hair, a short red beard, and a long pointy nose. He sports a purple outfit that consists of a backwards cap, a turtleneck sweater, purple pants with a beige belt, and black boots. He also wears a special night vision lens on his forehead.


  • Not counting the pilot short, Hunter has the first speaking line in the series.
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