S1E08A Did you have to add the celery and carrots?

Huntington Oak's community pool

Huntington Oaks is a town in Michigan, and one of Royal Woods' neighboring towns.


It first appears in "Linc or Swim", but only its community pool. The Loud kids came here to use the community pool, only to get kicked out when Lana littered the pool with celery and carrot slices after saying that the pool water tasted like chicken noodle soup. According to Lincoln, he says that Huntington Oaks is one town over from Royal Woods.

In "Snow Bored", it is mentioned in a news report that its schools will be closed the following day due to snowy weather.

In "Tricked!", Lincoln and Clyde disguised themselves as two British boys in order to get into the Huntington Manor to get some candy.


So far, Huntington Oaks is the next town over from Royal Woods.




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