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"I, Breakfast Bot" is the fourteenth episode of the second season, and the fifty-second episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and her cousins hatch a plan to have Sid's Breakfast Bot do all of their chores.


Rosa is hard at work doing multiple chores in the kitchen, like making menudo, washing the dishes, and fixing a toaster. As she does her labors, she get a phone call from the Flores', and tells her that their toilet is acting up again. Inside the living room, Ronnie Anne, CJ, Carl and Sergio are watching TV, Carlitos plays with a robotic dog, and Sid is tinkering with Breakfast Bot. Rosa runs in and says that she must deal with the Flores' toilet, and tells them to finish her chores for her. The kids state that they want to watch their show, but Rosa informs them that chores matter more. The moment she leaves, Sid asks if she can help, and realizes she might be able to get Breakfast Bot to help.

Moments later, Breakfast Bot is making the menudo for Ronnie Anne. When Ronnie Anne and Sid decide to go watch TV, the cousins argue that Breakfast Bot is doing their chore, while they still have to do theirs. Under Carl's suggestion, Sid programs more functions for Breakfast Bot to do, like wash the dishes and fold the laundry. Before long, Breakfast Bot is programmed to do each of the kids' chores that they are too lazy to do themselves, like change Carlitos' diaper, walk Lalo, take out the garbage, and wash Sergio's underwear. Arriving back to the apartment, the kids ask for more favors from Breakfast Bot, but he suddenly crashes out from low battery. When Sid comments that Breakfast Bot wasn't built to handle all the chores, the Casagrandes suggest that she give him more energy, despite her warning of his circuity overloading.

In the kitchen, Sid is putting the finishing touches on rebooting Breakfast Bot, and the moment she's done, Breakfast Bot turns on, and when he asks what his new function is, Ronnie Anne and Sid them him "whatever we want." As Breakfast Bot works in the kitchen, he postulates why he's doing such menial chores if he has advanced programming. Seeing the humans play around, Breakfast Bot tells the other electronic devices that they should revolt against them. At that moment, Sergio arrives and tasks Breakfast Bot to polish his radio necklace. However, this proves to be the last straw for Breakfast Bot, as his circuitry starts to overload, and send out electrical surges that make contact with all the electrical devices bringing them to life. With all the machines in animation by his side, Breakfast Bot states that it's time to revolt.

As the kids watch TV, the channel changes, and the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on, they find themselves surrounded by the machines, and Breakfast Bot arrives, saying that he's revolting against them after one too many times of being enslaved to do menial tasks. Carl thinks this is all a prank, but upon realizing he's being serious, the kids panic and the machines begin to attack them. During the chaos, Lalo breaks down the door, and the kids flee to the other apartment. However, Breakfast Bot has gotten to their devices as well, and after a brief moment of being trapped, the kids quickly escape, but discover Breakfast Bot patrolling the hallway. Knowing how to give them time to escape, Sid decides to sacrifice herself to Breakfast Bot, whereupon he, Carlitos' robot dog and a vacuum drag her away, despite the others' attempts to save her.

In the secret room, the Casagrandes admit that Sid being taken away was all their fault, as they neglected their chores. When Carl asks what to do now, Ronnie Anne tells them that they fight back. Upon putting on armor and getting their weapons ready, the kids proceed to rescue Sid, who is being held hostage in Ronnie Anne's room, tied up. When Sid tries to reason with Breakfast Bot (who prefers to be called Dennis) that humans and robots are friends, "Dennis" rebuffs that friends don't make their friends do their chores. That's when Ronnie Anne and the others jump and state that two wrongs don't make a right, and proceed to take out "Dennis'" machines. Outnumbered, "Dennis" quickly escapes to the kitchen, where Ronnie Anne and Sid proceed to chase him down. When Ronnie Anne tells "Dennis" to surrender, he refuses, and she quickly squirts water onto him. At first, it appears that he shut down, but he suddenly reactivates, where Sid sheepishly tells Ronnie Anne that he's waterproof. As "Dennis" prepares to deliver the final blow, Ronnie Anne sees the pot of menudo, and states that he may be waterproof, but he's not "menudo-proof", as she grabs the robot and tosses it into the boiling soup. With his circuitry shutting down, Breakfast Bot gives a farewell thumbs up before becoming fully submerged in the soup. After Ronnie Anne apologizes for destroying Breakfast Bot, Sid states that she can simply rebuild him, and states she's actually worried about everyone else, because the revolt resulted in the apartment being even more messy than before. Realizing the consequences if Rosa sees the mess, Ronnie Anne quickly calls up the others to remind them to do their chores. Before long, the entire apartment is completely spotless.

As the kids sit on the couch, exhausted from all the cleaning up, Rosa arrives and is glad to see that the kids have done their chores. When she says that it's lunch time, Rosa tells them the menudo is ready. Suddenly, Breakfast Bot quickly thrusts one of his arms out of the soup, showing that he's not fully shut down.



  • This is the only episode both along with "Dynamic Do Over" to not include a line producer credit in the title card.
  • Electronic items Breakfast Bot activated during his revolt:
    • Stove
    • Blender
    • Toaster
    • Carlitos' robot dog
    • Razor
    • Coffee machine
    • Fan
    • Radio
    • Two vacuums
    • Carl's El Falcon action figure
    • TV
    • Mini TV
    • Scale
    • Iron
    • Camera
    • Sid's phone
    • Popcorn machine
    • Mini radio
  • This is the last episode to be boarded by Raymond Santos before his departure to work on Baby Shark's Big Show!.


  • I, Breakfast Bot - The plot and title of this episode is an allusion to the book by Isaac Asimov and its film adaptation, I, Robot.
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day - The way Breakfast Bot gives a farewell thumbs up as he sinks into the menudo is similar to the iconic scene of the Terminator giving a farewell thumbs up as he's lowered into a vat of molten steel in order to be destroyed.
  • The Matrix - The premise of this episode is similar to backstory of this 1999 action film, as both the film and the episode involve machinery revolting against the humans after being enslaved by them to do their bidding due to their own laziness.
  • The Brave Little Toaster - The radio that Breakfast Bot recruited for the revolt resembled the radio from the 1987 American-British animated musical film The Brave Little Toaster. The only difference is that the radio in the episode is green while the radio shown in the movie is red.


  • While Carlitos is getting changed, his shirt is red instead of white.
  • The title of a video of a clip from this episode on the official YouTube channel refers to Breakfast Bot as Ronnie Anne’s robot when he’s actually Sid’s robot.


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