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"In Tents Debate" is the tenth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln is the swing vote between going to the beach or an amusement park for the family vacation.


At the Loud house, the siblings hold a meeting in Lori and Leni's room to discuss what they'll do, with Luan delivering a terrible pun, much to the chagrin of her brother and sisters. Lori uses her shoe as a gavel while announcing that the last minutes of their meeting will be for approval. Lori asks her younger sisters and brother if they have any new business. Lincoln eagerly raises his hand, as Lori pretends not to notice him, and repeats herself before letting him talk. Lincoln says their annual vacation to Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds is upon them, and his sisters groan in despair. The siblings complain that bears steal their food, they sleep on the ground, they take dumps in the woods (with Lana admitting she enjoys it), and the mosquitoes are the size of weasels. Lincoln chimes in by mentioning the terrifying "scary hill people hiding in the trees", annoying his sisters who all state the "hill people" are non-existent.

Lincoln makes a point about going somewhere different as he holds two pamphlets saying "Aloha Beach" and "Dairyland Park", showing them to his sisters. Lori says their parents would never go for it. Lincoln wonders how are they to truly know without asking them, and comes to the conclusion that he will ask them first. The others agree with Lincoln. Annoyed, Lori asks if the group is all in favor of Lincoln's idea of asking their parents. Fortunately, everyone happily raises their hands. Outnumbered and agitated, Lori says "motion passes". The parents agree with Lincoln, much to his joy. When he informs everyone, they are super excited (except for Lori, who's dismayed).

Lori asks her brother which of the two places they chose. He says they didn't say, so only they get to decide. Lori, Leni, Lucy (who is only interested in the possibility of shark attacks), Lola, and Lily choose the beach, while Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa vote for Dairyland. Leni is ecstatic that it's 5 on 5, but Lynn kindly explains to Leni that it's a tie. Lola points out that Lincoln didn't vote, because he is having trouble choosing which is better. He tells them he needs time, but he'll pick by the end of the day. His sisters reluctantly agree and end the meeting.

In his room with both pamphlets, Lincoln knows that regardless of what he chooses for their vacation, five sisters will be upset with him, and making a decision is going to be rough for him. Lola greets him and has a silver tray in her hand, which contains a stack of pancakes. She says that he can't make a big decision on an empty stomach, and he thanks her and she leaves. As he eats, Lynn also greets him, saying she can ease all the pressure with a relaxing massage. She grabs his head, throws him up in the air, and, after landing on his bed, she begins massaging. While she massages him, Lincoln feels awkward, yet relaxed.

Later, Lincoln is wearing a bathrobe and he is walking to the bathroom. He walks in, and much to his shock, he finds Lori on the toilet reading a magazine. She tells him to take a shower. Lincoln feels uncomfortable, as Lori tells him to take a long one and reveals she clears the bathroom schedule, while Leni, Lola, Lucy, and Lily are all standing at the door. Lincoln asks his 5 sisters if they're trying to get him to go to the beach. They say no, while Leni states she thought that they were, much to their annoyance. They all sigh.

After his shower, Lincoln hears a noise from his door. Turns out Luna, Luan, Lana, Lisa, and Lynn are all cleaning his room. He asks if they're trying to get his vote to Dairyland. They say no, but Lisa states they obviously are. They all resume cleaning. Lincoln says deciding where to go might be not so bad. He walks down the stairs to see "Team Beach" all dressed as hula dancers (except Lucy who wears only the skirt and flower). As they say Aloha, Lori gives him a lei (a flower necklace), Lucy gives him a Hawaiian shirt, Lola presents him sunglasses, Lily gives him a pineapple drink, and Leni presents him with his homework, with Lori having finished it.

Lincoln with Team Beach

Lincoln with Team Tippy

In the kitchen, Lincoln sees Luan dressed up as Tippy the Cow, the Dairyland mascot, who gives him his laundry and puts an udder hat on his head. He thanks her and leaves. Lola sees the whole thing and is aware that it was a trick, so she shakes her fist in anger before she walks off. In Lincoln's room, Lori and the others set up his room like a beach (and they take off the udder hat). They promise him if he votes for the beach, the fun will never stop. Leni agrees, and she gives him a conch to blow into as a signal if he needs anything from them. Unbeknownst to the six of them, Lana saw the whole thing, making her angrily shut the door. At the table in the dining room, Lincoln eats a bowl of cereal. Then, his chair is suddenly dragged by "Team Tippy" (all wearing udder hats). They move him around the table like a roller coaster and he enjoys the ride. Luan says if he votes for Dairy Land, he'll have "2%" more fun, as she pours milk into Lincoln cereal and laughs to herself at her joke. Lisa gives him a cowbell to use as a signal if he needs anything from them.

After a montage of the sisters doing favors for Lincoln, the sisters want to know Lincoln's final vote, but he says he needs one more day to decide. Enraged, Lola wants to hurt Lincoln, but Lori restrains Lola before she can and they leave. Lincoln admits to the viewers that regardless of his decision, 5 sisters are going to hate him. Later, Team Beach meets up in Lori and Leni's room to figure out how to make the beach better for Lincoln, but Lola convinces the others to show him why Dairyland is worse. The next day, Lincoln rushes to the bathroom, only to see Team Beach in a line. As he waits, Lincoln finds the toilet covered in tape and a sign saying, "Sorry! This Ride Is Temporarily Closed!", much to Lincoln's frustration. Lynn runs up, peeps in the peephole, and realizes, she's furious. Lincoln uses the bathtub, only for cold water to pour on him. It reveals Lisa was behind it. Then, a montage plays with the two groups sabotaging Lincoln's chances --- like, putting sand in Lincoln's underwear, and burning his skin with "Sodium Hydrochloride", posing it off as sunblock. Once they find out they been sabotaging each other and they have a furious argument, Lincoln becomes fed up with his sisters. Lynn lividly says this is all his fault. Lori agrees and states if he would have made up his mind in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. Lincoln has only one chance of making this work.

At Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds...

Lincoln says they are going to the Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds, much to the siblings dismay, and Lori claims it will be "the worst vacation ever", but at the campgrounds, her opinion eventually changes. She says it's the best. It turns out Lincoln is actually doing favors for all of his sisters. Lincoln says it isn't much fun for him, but he's satisfied with his sisters' enjoyment on the vacation. The tree people were indeed real, and Lincoln runs away in complete terror as the episode ends.



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Title card]
  ? [Opening]
  ? ["And don't forget the scary hill people hiding in the trees!"]
  ? ["Aloha Beach"]
  Night Talking - Anthony Hymas [Mom and Dad will go for Lincoln's idea]
  Hurry Up Now - Franck Sarkissian [Lola brings Lincoln pancakes]
  Girls Of Waikiki (A) - Mac Prindy, Kapono Beamer [Lincoln getting a Hawaiian-style visit from his sisters]
  Wildenauer Sängermarsch - Georg Burgstaller, Solinger Musikanten [Lincoln finds Tippy the Cow in the kitchen]
  ? [Lola is angry]
  O Makalapua (b) - Kapono Beamer [Lori, Leni, Lucy, Lola, and Lily make a private beach for Lincoln]
  Gap Yah - Heston Blonde [Montage of Lincoln's requests]
  ? ["Or...maybe we should show him why Dairyland is worse..."]
  ? [Lincoln rushing to the bathroom]
  Prairie Dogging - David Vanacore, Brandon Thompson ["Oh, so that's how they wanna play..."]
  ? [Lincoln turns the shower on]
  ? [Lisa says a beach fact]
  ? [Luna and Lana laugh]
  ? [Team beach makes the I screamer very fast]
  ? [Lincoln finds a gift bag in his room]
  ? [Lincoln gets a sunburn]
  Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill ["Sodium Hydrochlorite?"]
  ? [Lincoln finds Tippy in the hallway]
  Another Big Surprise - Andrew Pearce [Lincoln sees Tippy's face]
  ? [Lincoln says he made his decision]
  ? [Litteraly the best vacation ever]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Montage of Lincoln fulfilling his sisters' requests.]
  ? [Lincoln finds the hill people hiding in the trees]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Welcome to the Loud House" and "The Complete First Season", and "L'amour Vache" DVDs.


  • Lisa claims that the average ocean temperature is 16.6 °C, which is true; that's 61.88 °F.
  • The sisters who were on Team Beach's side are more feminine, while the sisters who were on Team Tippy are more tomboyish.
    • Except for Lana and Lucy, Team Beach and Team Tippy are also separated by hair color (blondes want to go to the beach, while brunettes want to go to the theme park).
    • The two oldest sisters of both teams are the only ones who are roommates, and while the remaining sisters on Team Beach are all younger than their roommates, the remaining sisters on Team Tippy are all older than their roommates.
  • When Lincoln holds up his hand and says, "Five of them are still going to be mad at me", he's representing five with his fingers, but he has four fingers, like most cartoon characters.
  • It is revealed by Lori that the siblings have a bathroom schedule.
  • "Sodium hydrochloride" is the scientific term for concentrated bleach, which explains why Lincoln's skin burned when he put it on his body.
  • Innuendo: When Lincoln wanted to have another day to decide, Lola was about to yell at him. She was on the verge of swearing.
  • Irony: Lincoln is worried that five of his sisters will be mad at him whether he votes for Aloha Beach or Dairyland; but by taking so long to decide, he ends up making all ten of them mad at him.


  • In Tents Debate - The episode's title is a pun on the phrase "intense debate" and the fact that you sleep in tents when camping.
  • Deliverance - The "scary hill people hiding in the trees" is a parody of this 1972 film.
  • Game Boy - Lincoln has what looks like an original Nintendo Game Boy.


  • In the Hebrew dub, Lynn's line "What about the bears?!" is said with Luan's voice.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Lori's line "Well, Lincoln, what's it gonna be?" was not spoken by her LatAm Spanish voice actor.
  • Team Beach's conch is heard before Lincoln runs away from the bear attacking the girls, but because that problem was stated by Lynn, Team Tippy's bell should've sounded instead.
  • When Luna turns Lincoln's comic page, she flips it backward.
  • Much like in "The Sweet Spot", a later story, "Undie Pressure", reveals he reads comic books in his underwear because he claims reading them with clothes on is uncomfortable for him. Here he is shown clothed when Luna switched the page in his comic book.
  • When half the girls vote for Aloha Beach, Luan is holding her clipboard, but when the other half votes for Dairyland, Luan's clipboard is missing, and a few background layers are different.
  • Before Lincoln entered the bathroom, the outside shot shows no tape or sign on the toilet.

Guess that Lola went through plastic surgery just to remove her left ear.

  • At the beginning of this episode, part of Lola's ear is not drawn and her earrings are missing.

How are her eyelashes doing that?

  • When Lincoln was inflating Leni's bed while at Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds, Leni's left eyelashes overlap her shades.
  • When Lynn says, "It's a tie, Leni.", she appears to be much closer to the bed than she does in other shots.
  • Possible: Lily is shown to apparently use the bathroom, even though she still wears diapers. However, this could be explained in that she was not going into the bathroom to use it, but rather to join in with making Lincoln wait.
    • "Pipe Dreams" also includes this error, with no explanation.
  • When Luan as Tippy the Cow hands Lincoln his laundry, the papers of homework in his hands disappear.
  • It should have been impossible for Luan and Lynn to wear the Dairyland udder hats due to their ponytails being in the way.


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