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Got kicked out, In the Mick of Time?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Russia and Germany[citation needed][note 1] due to Luna and Sam's relationship, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"In the Mick of Time" is the thirty-seventh episode (thirty-eighth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


After embellishing her friendship with Mick Swagger, Luna must try to convince the star to perform at her high-school dance.


At Royal Woods High, Luna is telling Sam, Sully and Mazzy stories of her interactions with Mick Swagger, like how her first concert changed her life for the better and how she met him while in disguise at a restaurant. After telling her stories, Luna expresses excitement that she'll be seeing him perform at his concert tonight. Suddenly, Leni arrives. She explains that the band hired to perform for the school's "Cut a Rug Dance" dropped out at the last minute. As the head of the dance committee, Leni asks if the Moon Goats can perform, but Sully and Mazzy state that they can't perform, as they sprained their wrists after slipping on some puddles. When Luna gets ready to leave so she can get to Mick's concert, Sam suddenly gets the idea that Luna should invite Mick to perform at the dance, and is practically begged by her friends and Leni to get him, since they believe the two share a close bond.

At night, Luna and Chunk watch Mick perform at the Royal Woods Mall. Chunk notices that Luna is in distress, and Luna explains that her friends want her to get Mick to perform at their high school, but is worried that Mick won't remember her. This prompts Luna and Chunk to try and get Mick's attention, from flailing her arms, shining a flashlight at him or crowd surfing towards the stage, but all those efforts end up fruitless. Suddenly, Luna gets the idea of slipping him a note backstage. Chunk says that getting backstage requires a VIP pass, but he knows a way to sneak in.

Sneaking in backstage, Luna and Chunk pose as pizza delivery guys, and tell the bouncer that they got a pizza for Mick Swagger, which secretly has a note inside asking Mick to perform for the high school dance. After handing the pizza, the concert ends. Later, as Mick's band has finished eating the pizza, Luna and Chunk sneak back in to see if he read the note. Pulling the pizza box from the garbage can, Luna discovers the note stuck to the box by a slice of pizza, making Luna believe Mick didn't see the note. This causes Luna to become worried on how she's going to relay the bad news to her friends.

The next day, Luna is about to tell her friends the bad news that she couldn't get Mick to perform, but before she could tell them, they escort her to the gymnasium, revealing that the theme of the party is entirely dedicated to Mick Swagger. This is especially bad for Luna, as word about this change is known all over the high school, and everyone now believes that Mick will be performing. Later, Luna is stuck on what to do now, since everyone now believes in a lie. After giving a sarcastic speech with a Mick Swagger impression, Luna realizes that she could pose as Mick herself.

At nighttime, the school dance is about to begin. When Principal Rivers asks where Mick is, Luna says that he's backstage, and only close companions are allowed to see him. Excusing herself backstage, she quickly puts on Mick's outfit and mullet, and Chunk says that while he plays Mick's song on his laptop, Luna has to simply lip sync. With everything set up, Principal Rivers introduces "Mick Swagger", and Luna starts performing. Luna attempts to juggle between performing as Mick while also trying to accompany Sam, with Chunk stopping and restarting the music with each exchange. However, while getting ready to perform as Mick again, Luna accidentally tosses a cup of punch onto Chunk's laptop, causing the laptop to go haywire and play Mick's song at rapid speed. Luna, keeping up with the fast tempo, accidentally falls over when her guitar starts smoking from the rapid strumming, pulling the curtain down and revealing Chunk. Freeing herself from the tangled curtain, Luna's mullet falls off, revealing her charade in front of all the high schoolers. When Sam and Rivers approach her and ask what's going on, Luna confesses that she pretended to be Mick because she couldn't get him to perform for the dance, and believes that he doesn't know her. Suddenly, Mick arrives and tells Luna that he did read her note from the pizza box. He also explains that the reason why he and his band were so late was because Luna never specified which high school she went to, prompting them to visit every high school in the county. Now that he's present, Mick suggests that he and Luna perform as a duo, since they're wearing matching outfits.

Moments later, the party ends up becoming a smashing success thanks to the combined performances of Luna and Mick.


Mollie, Dana, Parvana and Unnamed Punk Girl have no lines in this episode.



  • This was the last Loud House episode to premiere before the release of The Loud House Movie.
  • When Luna tells her friends her stories of Mick Swagger, she mentions the events of "For Bros About to Rock" by telling them the story of how Mick changed her life forever, and the events of "House Music" by telling them how she met him at a restaurant while he was in disguise.
  • This is the most recent Loud House episode to be written by Alec Schwimmer, who left the show sometime in 2016 and became a writer for The Casagrandes.
  • This episode reveals that Royal Woods High has a notorious reputation of having puddles causing trouble for anyone in the vicinity of the building. It has gotten so bad, that Principal Rivers is nicknamed Principal Puddles.
  • Mazzy reveals that she owns a pet tarantula that she mistakenly thought was a hamster due to her buying it a hamster wheel.
  • Despite being arachnophobic, Leni does not show any signs of it when around Mazzy and her tarantula onscreen. This may be because Leni is unaware of Mazzy's tarantula, or knows Mazzy has it under control.
  • Foreshadowing: On the title card, Luna cosplays as Mick Swagger; she would go on to impersonate him during the second half of the episode.
  • Irony: Luna thought that Mick Swagger forgot about her, but it turned out he never completes a trip to Royal Woods without meeting Luna.


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Some panels from last night's episode. The Tarantula was originally an homage to King Diamond.
#Theloudhouse #Nickelodeon #cartoon #animation
Jul 17, 2021[1]
  • In the Mick of Time - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "in the nick of time", which is when something happens at an exact time.
  • King Diamond - According to Kevin Cannarile, the storyboarder for this episode, Mazzy's tarantuala was designed after this Danish rock musician and songwriter.
  • Fountains of Wayne - "Double Duty" resembles this rock band's song "Bright Future in Sales".


  • When Luna confesses that she was pretending to be Mick Swagger after her charade gets exposed, her eyelashes are missing.
  • Plot hole:
    • In "Band Together" Chunk left Moon Goats to join Katie Crest's band. However it's not explained how he got back.
    • It is mentioned that Luna had a breadstick when she saw Mick Swagger in disguise. But in "House Music", Luna actually ate French fries.
      • In addition, the flashback shows Mick revealing himself at the restaurant, while in "House Music", he revealed himself at the family fun fair. However, it's possible Luna added that to make the story more exciting.
  • When Chunk gave Luna her disguise, it came with a shirt. However, Luna was already wearing a shirt similar to it.
  • Throughout the school dance scenes, Luna is missing the bottom part of her hair.
  • When Luna (disguised as Mick) falls and knocks down the curtain, she also knocks down the microphone. But when she pops out of the curtain, the microphone is back up.


  1. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.


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