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"Insta-gran" (originally titled "Geri-antics") is the third episode of the third season and one-hundred-fourth episode of The Loud House.


Pop-Pop introduces his new girlfriend to the family, and she seems great until she starts showing up unannounced.


It's a big night at the Loud House, because Pop-Pop has a new girlfriend, and he's about to introduce her to the family. Upon arriving, Pop-Pop introduces his new girlfriend as Myrtle, and she takes an instant liking to the family, especially the children and their individual personalities. When nighttime comes, Pop-Pop decides to call it a day, much to the dismay of the kids.

S3E02B Let me introduce everyone

Pop-Pop introduces everyone to Myrtle.

The next day, the siblings arrive home, and are surprised to see Myrtle at their house, doing some cleaning up. Eventually, Myrtle becomes a nuisance to the siblings, as she begins smothering them with her kind nature. After a whole day of Myrtle making their day a nightmare, the siblings began to resent her and realize that they need to get Pop-Pop to break up with her in order to get her to stop. Lincoln remembers that Seymour had an eye for Myrtle, which gives them an idea on what to do.

At the retirement home, Luan and Lori manage to get Seymour and Myrtle into getting into positions that make it look like they're about to kiss. After taking the photos, they're uploaded onto a computer, and put into a single image to give off the impression that they're kissing. Upon completing the photo, Lynn sneaks it into Pop-Pop's room. The siblings attempt to escape before they get caught, but Myrtle sees them, and reminds them it's her birthday today.

Inside, the siblings ask Myrtle why there aren't many guests. Myrtle reveals that she was a single child, and because of that, she doesn't have much of a family. She also reveals that the reason why she hooked up with Pop-Pop was because she knew that he had a large family, and thought it would help her get the family she has long wanted, which is why she was so smothering towards them. Realizing her pity, the siblings get over with their resentment and realize that Myrtle is not as bad as she is. Suddenly, they remember the photo they slipped under Pop-Pop's door, so Lynn and Lincoln attempt to retrieve it before Pop-Pop finds it. Unfortunately, it's too late, as Pop-Pop has found the photo, and is starting to chase Seymour around the pool. After a brief scuffle, the siblings reveal that the photo is fake, and tell Pop-Pop what happened prior. After explaining, Pop-Pop forgives his grandchildren, and proceed to the dining area.

S3E02B Happy Birthday, Gran-Gran!

The siblings finally accept Myrtle in their family.

In the dining area, as the siblings and elders celebrate, the siblings decide to head back home, and Myrtle promises to see them tomorrow. Luckily, Pop-Pop, noticing the worry in the siblings, tells Myrtle that they'll meet up with the kids on Sunday, giving the siblings some personal time.



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House music

  Tandem Hoilday - Heinz Kelssing [Plays when the Louds were having dinner with Myrtle]


S3E02B They're here!

"Compare their positions by the window..."

S1E24B siblings look through the window

" these positions. Spot the Differences?"

  • When the Loud siblings are looking out the window in the beginning, their positions are similar to how they were positioned when looking out the window in "Snow Bored". However, the differences are:
    • Lisa being added next to Lucy.
    • Leni and Luan switching positions in the top row.
    • And Lucy and the twins switching positions in the bottom row.
  • Luna, Luan, and Lily were the only siblings not seen being smothered by Myrtle with her kind nature.
  • This episode reveals that Luan can't eat corn due to having braces.
S3E02B Lynn clarifies

Lincoln's section with more awards.

  • In the Loud family's trophy case, Lincoln's section has more awards/trophies than before. If one looks closely, there's a book with the text "Wild Card Willy" on it, which is assumed to be the comic competition he won in "Pulp Friction".
  • Lucy's dislike of pink is shown in this episode when Myrtle decorated Lynn and Lucy's room pink, and Lucy hissed at it.
  • It is revealed that Sue is still working in the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.
  • In one scene, Myrtle mentions that there were spiders living in Lucy's cobwebs. In reality, cobwebs are made from dust, and do not house spiders.
  • The joke where Lincoln questions how Lynn got into her ninja suit so fast, only for Lynn to ask how Lincoln got rid of his bowl cut so fast is a reference to the cartoon gag where a character(s) would change into something different in a ridiculously short time.
S3E02B Board to Final Comparison

Top: Not irritated
Bottom: Irritated

  • If one were to notice, Luna had a somewhat irritated expression when she was wearing the sweater Myrtle made for her. According to Darin McGowan, the storyboard he made for that particular shot didn't have Luna looking irritated, and claims that the way he drew her hairline may have been responsible for the animators thinking he wanted her to be irritated when wearing the sweater.[2]


  • Insta-gran - The title of this episode is a parody of Instagram.
    • Geri-antics - The original title of this episode is a pun on geriatrics which is the branch of medicine or social science dealing with the health and care of old people.
S3E02B They're here!

The Loud Bunch 2

  • The Brady Bunch - When the Loud kids are looking out the window, it resembles the show's theme song. This reference was also seen in "Snow Bored".


  • When the Louds are eating, Lily's eyelashes are disconnected.
  • Lily has eyebrows when Lisa throws her fecal slides.



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