Not to be confused with Leni's friend.

Jackie is a minor character in The Loud House who first appeared in the episode "Gown and Out".


According to Chinah, Jackie stars in toothpaste commercials.

During practice, Jackie showed off her amazing gymnastic skills, even though she refers to it as "not her greatest work". Later, when she was competing in the pageant, she, along with Claudette, were the runner-up winners, while Chinah was the winner. After the contest ended, Jackie commends Lola for doing a great job, chiming in that she and the others will have to look out for her (Lola) next year.


Jackie is a short girl, with dark skin, reddish brown hair tied up in a ponytail, and curly bangs. She has three pairs of eyelashes, violet eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and her main attire consists of light blue triangular earrings, a yellow dress with a ruffled skirt with a bright yellow band around her waist, long gloves, leggings that go down to her ankles, yellow high heels, and a bow in her hair.

During pageant training, her outfit is a yellow sweatshirt, yellow pants, and pink shoes.


Season 3



  • Her Polish name is Julia.

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