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Jahzir Bruno is an African American actor who portrayed Clyde McBride in A Loud House Christmas, and will reprise the role in the upcoming live-action series.[1] He is also the current voice of Clyde starting from "Present Danger" due to his predecessor hitting puberty,[2].

Roles on The Loud House

Selected Filmography

  • Atlanta - Omari
  • The Oath - Judas, Proposition, Revenge
  • The Witches - Hero Boy
  • The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two - Jack



  • His favorite moment of filming was a scene where he and Wolfgang Schaeffer (Lincoln) pedaled a bicycle really fast to get into some lines.[3]
  • "A Loud House Christmas Holiday Party" reveals several things about him:
    • His favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas sweaters (he told Wolfgang Schaeffer in confidence that his favorite was making fruitcake in the bathtub).
    • He would rather arm wrestle Rip Hardcore than practice football with Lynn.
    • He would rather eat Lynn Sr.'s figgy pudding than his turgooseon.
    • He knows less about the movie than Wolfgang Schaeffer. (The score was 3-2; he incorrectly said Leni's mannequin is named Paz instead of Tanya.)
    • He and Schaeffer both know the lyrics to at least one Christmas carol.
    • He cried when Clyde told Santa his Christmas list in the movie.

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