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Jam Filled Entertainment is a Canadian animation studio located in Ottawa (which is now owned by Boat Rocker Group[1]).

The company produces the animation for The Loud House.


  • The company also produces animation for "Thomas & Friends" (Jam Filled animated half of season 20, since Arc Productions filed bankruptcy in 2016 and it came back as Jam Filled Toronto, they animated season 20 to season 24), "Final Space", "Pinky Malinky", "Rusty Rivets", "The Bagel and Becky Show", "My Friend Pancake", "Off The Shelf", "The Day My Butt Went Psycho!", "Camp Lakebottom", "Numb Chucks", "Kody Kapow", "Wellie Wishers", "The Polos", and "The Great Northern Candy Drop".
  • The studio was built and founded in 2008.

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