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Jancey Yates is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in the episode "Future Tense".


Jancey and her family first appear in "Future Tense", where they move into the neighborhood of the Loud family.

Jancey makes a cameo at the beginning of "Tripped!", where she is seen getting fashion advice from Leni.


She has a muscular body, with light fair skin, a pointy nose, two pairs of eyelashes, short wavy blonde hair, white pearl earrings, a white bracelet on her left hand, and red lipstick. She wears a white sleeveless shirt, with poofy brown shorts, a brown belt, a pink sweater tied around her shoulders, and white high heeled shoes.


  • Her earrings look similar to Carlota's, only white instead of gold.
  • Just like how Rita is the mother/wife of the Louds and she is the only Loud who's name doesn't begin with "L", Jancey is the mother/wife of the Yates' and she is the only Yates who's first name doesn't begin with "B".
  • She is voiced by Maureen McCormick who starred on the TV sitcom "The Brady Bunch" along with her character's husband's voice actor Barry Williams.

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