Jean Juan's French Mex was a French-Mexican restaurant, located in Royal Woods. It had mostly a Mexican-style, and also had its own mariachi. 


It first appears in "Save the Date", where Lincoln and Lori have their double date with Ronnie Anne and Bobby, and where Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have their real first kiss.

In "A Fair to Remember", it is one of the places Lincoln and Bobby go to hang out.

In "Frog Wild", Lincoln and Lana walk passed here to find that the restaurant is serving roasted duck enchiladas, which they quickly run away with.

In "Missed Connection", Lori and Bobby decide to go there after the latter accidentally activated the high school's security alarm, only to discover that it was shut down due to health violations.

In Lori's episode of the Listen Out Loud podcast, it is revealed that she and Bobby had their first date at Jean Juan's French Mex. It is also revealed that Luan and Lynn had spied on their date, and revealed what really happened when Lori and Bobby initially over-romanticize the details.


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