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Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet is a French-Mexican restaurant, located in Royal Woods. It has mostly a Mexican-style, and also has its own mariachi.


The restaurant's exterior is based off a Mexican house and a French building.


It first appears in "Save the Date", where Lincoln and Lori have their double date with Ronnie Anne and Bobby, and where Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have their real first kiss.

In "A Fair to Remember", it is one of the places Lincoln and Bobby go to hang out.

In "Frog Wild", Lincoln and Lana walk passed here to find that the restaurant is serving roasted duck enchiladas, which they quickly run away with.

In "Net Gains", it mentioned that the restaurant sponsors The Brie Throwers basketball team.

In "Missed Connection", Lori and Bobby decide to go there after the latter accidentally activated the high school's security alarm, only to discover that it was temporarily shut down due to health code violations.

In "Cooked!", Lincoln and Clyde went to the restaurant to have their promotion recorded to have Lynn Sr's restaurant Lynn's Table bring in customers, but not long before they were chased out by the hostess of the restaurant.

In "Write and Wrong", when the Loud children disagree to act perfect Rita promises to take them to Jean Juan's French Mex for dinner. A week later, the kids inform Rita of her promise of taking them to Jean Juan's for dinner, and Rita decides to take them there, despite how early it is. At Jean Jean's French Mex, the kids eat their meals and play around. However, as they eat, Jesse and a couple co-workers arrive and sit at a nearby table. Rita tries to get the kids to calm down, but a few of their antics inconvenience Jesse and her co-workers. The kids attempt to pass themselves off different people, but Rita, knowing that she can't hide them anymore, admits to Jesse that her children are not perfect and says that parenting to her is the hardest thing she can do, but she loves to do that. Knowing the story, Jesse promptly fires Rita, but the co-workers side with Rita, saying parenting is a difficult task. Jesse, after admitting that she doesn't have kids, rehires Rita, much to the kids' happiness, and encourages her to write her stories with authenticity rather than perfection.

In "Much Ado About Noshing", Lincoln mentions that prior to when New_Nosher_123 rated Lynn's Table with thirty thumbs-downs, Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet was also given a bad rating, along with the Burpin' Burger and Aloha Comrade. While investigating to find suspects who could potentially be New_Nosher_123, Lynn and Lucy stop by the restaurant and notice that Mr. Grouse is being a difficult customer, then label him as a suspect.

In "Lori Loud", it is revealed that she and Bobby had their first date at Jean Juan's French Mex. It is also revealed that Luan and Lynn had spied on their date, and revealed what really happened when Lori and Bobby initially over-romanticize the details.

Known Dishes

  • Quiche Ranchero
  • Fromage con Queso
  • Hot Frog Tamales
  • Chili con Escargot
  • Baguettes
  • Churros
  • Roasted Duck Enchiladas
  • French Onion Nacho Cheese Soup
  • Guacamole French Toast
  • Flan Flambé
  • Horchata Lattes


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