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Jeffery is a minor character who appears in The Loud House episode "Suite and Sour".


He is the manager of the Royal Woods Spa. Jeffery first appeared in "Suite and Sour" where he welcomed The Loud Family to the Royal Woods Spa. He later kicked them out. While the kids thought it was their fault, it turned out that he kicked the family out because the security footage caught Lynn Loud Sr. and Rita Loud skinny-dipping in one of the swimming pools.

In "Electshunned", Jeffery was present at the Royal Woods Mall when Leni Loud announced her campaign to run for Mayor of Royal Woods against Mayor Theresa Davis.


Jeffrey has short brown hair, thick black eyebrows, and a brown beard which covers half of his face. He wears a light green suit, a white shirt, a blue necktie, and brown shoes.


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