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Jerry Kling, AKA The Cherry King (often credited as Cherry Farmer) is a minor character who first appeared in the episode "Tripped!".


Jerry is first seen carrying a load of cherries on his truck. When Lynn tried to encourage her father to drive faster than him, the van ended up crashing, and Jerry continued on. Later, his truck got a flat tire, and the spare was under his load. The family decided to help him out, and as thanks, he gave the family a crate of cherries.

Much later, when the family tried to reserve their room at Weeping Willow, they ran into Jerry again, and he reveals that he's the renowned Cherry King. A surprised Lynn Sr. recognizes him as he uses his cherries. Because of them fixing his tire, he managed to make it to Weeping Willow on time and successfully reserved the entire top floor thanks to his celebrity status. As another thank you, he let the family stay in the rooms he reserved, much to their happiness as they missed their own deadline. Jerry was last seen eating his cherries with Lola on the dock near the pool of the hotel.


Jerry is an elderly man, with no hair. He wears a big brown hat, a plaid red collared shirt with a white undershirt underneath, blue suspenders and overalls, and brown boots.


  • Despite saying his name in the episode, Jerry is simply referred to as "Cherry Farmer" in the credits.

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