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Jesse Hiller is a minor character in The Loud House. She works as the editor-in-chief of the Royal Woods Gazette.


Jesse Hiller was first seen in "Write and Wrong" where she reviews Rita Loud's resume and would hire her to write the perfect parent article if her kids are perfect. This caused Rita to have her kids act perfect as they explain to Jesse about Rita by singing "Our Amazing Mother." Jesse was impressed with this outcome and hired Rita. When Jesse Hiller and two of her staff members dined at Jean Juan's French Mex some days later, they got annoyed with the Loud children's antics and Jesse recognized them after Leni Loud said hi to her. As the kids try to pass themselves off as Flip's kids, Rita had to come clean about everything. When Jesse fires Rita, the two staff members with her spoke against this stating that her column advice helped them out with their kids. Noting that she doesn't have kids of her own, Jesse decides to withdraw firing Rita. When Lynn Loud does a burrito spike and the waiter gives Rita the check while telling her to take her family's celebration elsewhere. Jesse and the two staff members were surprised as Rita tells them that this happens to her family all the time.


Jesse has a tendency to use gazette phrases to start off comments like "This just in," "Breaking news," and "Stop the presses."


Jesse Hiller is a slim adult woman with tanned skin, long brown hair and red lipstick. She wears golden earrings, white bracelet, mint green sleeveless shirt with white collar and white frills, black belt, whit trousers and mint green high heels.



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