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Joey is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in the episode "Party Down", and is one of Lori's friends.


In "Party Down" Joey was invited by Lori to her fancy party. Like all guests he wasn't happy to be on the boring party, but unlike others he was doing his homework and studying. He and all guests got fed up with Lori and left the party. Later Joey and the others were invited on second cool party. Joey took part in Lucy's fortune telling and she told him he'll score B- on upcoming pop quiz. This made him upset and he started wondering, why does he even bother studying, if his hard work isn't rewarded enough.

In "Deal Me Out" Joey went on Ace Savvy convention with Becky and Chaz. There they all met Lincoln and Clyde. Joey complimented Clyde's costume. Joey, Becky and Chaz revealed to Lincoln and Clyde that like them, they all are fans of Ace Savvy.


Joey is a nerd and perfectionist, who cares a lot about his grades. He studies a lot, even during parties hoping to get 100%, or at least an A on a test. When he gets B on tests, he feels his hard work is not rewarded enough.


Joey is a thin, and tall teenage boy. He has light fair skin, curly light brown hair, freckles, and small eyebags. He wears a light yellow turtleneck sweater, dark blue jeans, and white shoes with teal stripes.

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