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The Johnson family is composed of Mrs. Johnson and her mother.

Family members

Agnes Johnson

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Agnes Johnson's mother

Mrs. Johnson's Mom is a minor character in The Loud House, and the mother of Mrs. Johnson. She made her first appearance in the episode "Stall Monitor".


She was first mentioned by Mrs. Johnson when she said her mother wanted her to practice yoga, despite wanting nothing to do yoga. She later made a full appearance near the end of the episode, where Rusty, in a Mrs. Johnson disguise, takes her place and fools her into believing that he is her daughter, even commenting that she likes the lipstick "she" is wearing.


She looks like her daughter but much older, having wrinkles. She has red hair tied up in a bun. She wears a blue headband, white earrings, a green tank top, blue pants, and white shoes.


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