Jordan Rosato was a storyboard artist on The Loud House.

She joined Nickelodeon Animation Studio as a "Nicktern" on The Fairly OddParents in the summer of 2014, before becoming a full-time storyboard artist on the show in October.

She also drew the manga-esque sections of the mini-comic Lincoln Loud's ABCs of Getting the Last Slice.

She is also a writer of comic book stories for "There Will Be Chaos".

She also served as a storyboard artist The Loud House Movie.

She left Nickelodeon Animation on November 1, 2019 and currently serves as a director on DC Super Hero Girls at Warner Bros. Animation.

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  • According to Jordan, her favorite thing to storyboard is characters falling down. She confirmed this on a behind the scenes image she posted.
  • According to her Instagram story, her favorite Loud is Leni.
  • The majority of the episodes she boards from the start of Season 2 are often paired with episodes boarded by Miguel Puga or Diem Doan and are usually secondary segments.


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