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Jordan Rosato is a former storyboard artist on The Loud House. She joined Nickelodeon Animation Studio as a "Nicktern" on The Fairly OddParents in the summer of 2014, before becoming a full-time storyboard artist on the show in October. She also drew the manga-esque sections of the mini-comic Lincoln Loud's ABCs of Getting the Last Slice.

She was a writer of comic book stories for "There Will Be Chaos" and also served as a storyboard artist The Loud House Movie. She left Nickelodeon Animation on November 1, 2019 and served as a director on DC Super Hero Girls at Warner Bros. Animation. She returned to Nickelodeon Animation in November 2020 to direct on the Transformers animated series.


Rosato has enjoyed drawing her entire life. When she was a young child, she used to give direct instructions to her mom for what she should draw, due to not being able to pick up a pencil.

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