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"Just Be Coo" is the twenty-seventh episode of the second season, and the sixty-fifth episode of The Casagrandes.


When Sancho gets himself into trouble in the city, Sergio helps him become a model pet.


At nighttime, Sergio goes to a party at the park being hosted by Sancho. At the park, Sergio, Sancho and all the other pigeons party throughout the night.

The next day, as Sergio sleeps, he is woken up by Sancho pounding on the window. Sancho tells Sergio that he's being sought after, as he shows a video what's happening. In the video, Jim Sparkletooth reports that sometime last night, a statue in the park got vandalized by being covered in bird droppings, and the animal wrangler, Marcus, intends on capturing the birds who did the heinous act, including their "ringleader", Sancho. Sancho insists he's innocent, and asks Sergio if he can crash at the apartment for the time being, and Sergio agrees, since he's a friend, but only on the condition that he keep his presence a secret.

Unfortunately, not long afterwards, Sancho becomes a hassle for Sergio to watch over. First, while trying to get a wagon full of food for Sancho, Hector arrives and tells Sergio that all the food on the wagon better be eaten or else he'll be accused of wasting money. Seeing Sancho wander in the kitchen to eat garbage, Sergio proceeds to stall Hector by eating everything on the wagon, resulting in him becoming fat. The moment Hector leaves, Sergio captures Sancho and drags him back to Ronnie Anne's room, but leaves after just a few seconds. Entering the bathroom, Sergio spots Sancho having a bath in the toilet. At that moment, Rosa enters and discovers Sergio using the toilet, prompting her to excuse herself. After a brief scuffle that results in Sancho flushing the feathers off Sergio's bottom half, the two leave the bathroom and head back to Ronnie Anne's room, but Sergio discovers that Sancho has gone missing again. Entering the living room, he discovers Sancho secretly leeching off the food and drinks Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Maria are eating while watching a soccer game. In an attempt to get Sancho away from them, he bites into the TV cable, shorting the TV out and prompting the three Santiagos to rush over to the other apartment. Sancho tries to follow, but Sergio, having had enough of him disobeying his orders, drags him to Ronnie Anne's room and tells him he's kicking him out, believing he really did vandalize the statue. Just before being kicked out, Sergio makes Sancho wear a hat, believing that'll be unrecognizable.

With Sancho finally off his back, Sergio decides to relax by watching TV, but the first thing that comes up is a news report where Jim Sparkletooth reports that Marcus has captured Sancho. With his interest in TV gone, Sergio suggests to Lalo that go outside to spend their day. However, each location they go causes Sergio to remember his memories with Sancho, like his bird nest where the two would wake up after parties, an alley full of garbage where they would eat and a TV showcasing their favorite show. Now filled with guilt for getting his friend in trouble, Sergio proclaims that they must rescue him.

Arriving to the animal pound, Sergio and Lalo need to figure out how to get inside. Seeing Vito walk his dogs, Sergio decides to toss his pizza onto Vito's head, where Big Tony and Little Sal immediately jump on him to eat the pizza. As Marcus attempts to deal with the situation, Sergio and Lalo enter the pound. As Lalo searches for the keys, Sergio discovers containers of pistachio flavored ice cream in the garbage can, and realizes that it has the exact same color scheme as bird droppings. This causes Sergio to realize that the pigeons were framed. Suddenly, Marcus approaches from behind them and captures them, where he immediately has them locked up. Needing a way to fight against this act in injustice, Sergio asks Marcus for a phone call. Sergio calls up Ronnie Anne and tells her to come to the pound with her laptop.

Later, Ronnie Anne is at the pound reasoning with Marcus on letting her pets go. When Marcus tells her that they have to serve time since they were breaking and entering the pound, Sergio asks for Ronnie Anne's laptop. He quickly brings up security footage of the park entrance, which reveals Marcus sneakily covering the statue with pistachio ice cream. Realizing the pigeons were framed (and her pets being arrested for learning the truth), Ronnie Anne threatens to reveal this footage to Jim Sparkletooth unless Marcus releases everyone now. Marcus ultimately cracks and admits that he framed the birds, saying that he never gets invited to their parties, and thought arresting them would prevent them from having any more parties. He further explains that the reason why he wants to join their party is because his animal wrangling duties is just his day job, and has a life outside of it. Marcus proceeds to free everyone, and Sergio, taking pity on Marcus, makes a promise to him.

That night, the pigeons have another party, and have let Marcus and Ronnie Anne join them. As everyone parties, Sergio apologizes to Sancho for kicking him out, and admits that Sancho is the way he is because he's just a party animal.



  • The premise of this episode is similar to the Loud House episode "Pets Peeved", as they both involve an animal getting captured by animal control, and the house pets trying to rescue them.
  • The animal wrangler in this episode is the same one who appeared in "Walk Don't Run". It's also revealed that his first name is Marcus.
  • In Sergio's fantasy of Marcus giving Sancho his sentence, Marcus mentions that Sancho will be spending 15 years in the pound. In real life, most pigeons that live in captivity live on average around 15 years.
  • This is the first episode where Sean Crisden voices Marcus the Animal Wrangler. No official reason for the casting change was given, though it is likely that Marcus' voice actor was changed due to the industry-wide trend of having characters from minority groups be voiced by someone from that respective group.
    • Marcus is the third character to have their voice actor changed for this reason, the first being Alexis Flores and the second being La Tormenta.
  • Foreshadowing: When Marcus is on camera during the news report and just before he announces his intention of capturing Sancho, he is shown holding a tub of pistachio ice cream (which has a similar color scheme to the material on the statue), which hints that he was the one responsible for vandalizing the statue in an attempt to frame the birds for defecating on it.
  • Innuendo:
    • While in the bathroom, Sergio's efforts to keep Sancho hidden in the toilet gives the appearance of him struggling to wring out his stool.
    • Two of the pigeons in the pound are shown fighting with a half-eaten donut and a french fry, similar to a shank and a knife respectively.
  • Irony: Sergio thought that Sancho wearing a simple red hat would make him unrecognizable, but he was immediately detained not long after.


  • Just Be Coo - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "just be cool", with "cool" being replaced by the word "coo", the sound a pigeon makes.


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