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Justin Felbinger is an American actor and voice actor.

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  • In a livestream following the finale of Amphibia, Felbinger said he is a fan of The Loud House and expressed hope to work on the show in the future.[1]


  1. Felbinger, Justin [@justinfelbinger] (May 22, 2022). "Streamily Live Stream Autographs" (at 1:40:44). Retrieved 2022-06-08. “'Would like you to do a voiceover in the Loud House show for Nickelodeon' Yeah, I love The Loud House. The closest thing I got to The Loud House was The Casagrandes. I did one episode for The Casagrandes playing this little kid who's kind of a brat; and he was doing this pirate thing; and he was the bratty kid that didn't want her brother, I forgot what his name is, to be the star of the show or whatever; and that was fun just to have that kind of attitude and everything; and it was a one-and-done episode; but it was still a great experience; and I was glad I got to be a part of such a great show like The Casagrandes; and of course I'd love to be on The Loud House also.” – via Instagram.
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