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"Karma Chameleon" is the twenty-eighth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


The Changs leave Ronnie Anne and her cousins to watch after Cam, the chameleon snake.


The Changs are prepared to go on a weekend trip, and the Casagrandes have been assigned to look over their collection of reptiles (after Becca explains they have to look them over while the reptile habitat gets renovated). Rosa explains that they can only do this task once, because the apartment building has a no reptiles rule because of Mr. Scully, who has a fear of reptiles. Just before they leave, Adelaide says goodbye to the reptiles, including Cam, a snake with the ability to camouflage his skin, which also requires him to wear a bell.

Mr. Scully going to install some new smoke detectors in the building.

The moment the Changs leave, Mr. Scully arrives, stating that he's going to install some new smoke detectors in the building. This causes Rosa to stall Mr. Scully in any way possible, and Ronnie Anne telling her cousins to assist her, saying that if Mr. Scully sees one reptile, he'll kick the Changs out for breaking the no reptiles policy. Throughout the day, the kids attempt to keep the reptiles out of Mr. Scully's sight while Sergio keeps track of Mr. Scully's movements. Despite some close calls, like Frida being freaked out by the animals when the kids hide them in the bathroom and not being able to keep them in the mercado storage room, Mr. Scully completes his task and prepares to leave.

As the kids bring the reptiles back to the Chang apartment, they discover to their horror that Cam is not in his cage. To make matters worse, Mr. Scully is still in the apartment building, staying over for dinner. This makes Ronnie Anne tell his cousins to stall Mr. Scully long enough while she tries to find Cam. As she searches throughout the building, Ronnie Anne discovers that Cam is scaring the other tenants (on one instance finding out that Frida has made a myriad of snake-like art pieces, saying she's going through "trauma").

Full of snakes art pieces.

At that moment, Cam enters the worst possible place: apartment 2A, the room Mr. Scully is currently in. Upon entering, Ronnie Anne comes in and tries to secretly warn her family of Cam's presence. Suddenly, Mr. Scully catches Cam and begins choking. As Mr. Scully begins to lose his breathing, Cam wraps his body around him and squeezes hard enough to cough up the food he was choking on. Ronnie Anne admits that there are reptiles in the building, saying that they were doing a favor for the Changs. Mr. Scully is understandably upset that both the Casagrandes and the Changs broke his rule of no reptiles, but says that because Cam saved his life, he decides to not kick the families out and instead lifts the ban, saying that he underestimated the animals. As the family begins cheering, Bobby, having had enough reptiles for the day, excuses himself to apartment 2B. However, it's also the room that houses Frida's art pieces about snakes, making him faint.


Carlos and Stanley have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • The plot of the episode is similar to "Along Came a Sister" as both episode focus on the titular siblings chasing a missing pet and trying to hide it from somebody who has a phobia for its species.
  • This episode reveals that both Bobby and Mr. Scully have herpetophobia (fear of reptiles).



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