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Katherine Mulligan is a minor character in The Loud House. She is Royal Woods' residential news reporter.


In "Butterfly Effect", she reported all sorts of activity that had been going on with the Loud sisters after the events that led to the family falling apart. She asked Lisa for comments about them, and Lisa reveals that she knows about them because they're her sisters, and lastly, she asks where it all went wrong. Flip tried to stop the interview when she questioned why he hired Lisa to work at his gas station, but not before endorsing his products. However this was all Lincoln's fantasy, so this never happened.

She appears again in "Out on a Limo", where she wants to interview Lincoln for riding in his limo. She asks him how he got to be so important, and Lincoln didn't know how to answer that since he only won the limo for a day in a mustard jar contest. She later reports about his downfall after he loses the limo where Lincoln admits that he thought he was more important than everyone else only to reveal he was just a kid who ate a bunch of mustard. He asked for a ride home, but the reporter denied it and drove away.

She also appears in "The Loudest Yard", where she wants to talk to Lincoln about his latest play, but since all this time it was really Lynn secretly playing in his stead, he just made up a comment about it being in the past and him being about the future. The coach of the Royal Woods Roosters wanted her to get her cameraman to shoot some poses of him.

In "Snow Bored", she is seen on TV, alongside Tucker.

In "Future Tense", she reports on The Yates Family rescuing turtles.

In "Scales of Justice" where her full name is revealed to be Katherine Mulligan, she covers the story of the swamp monster that Lana secretly orchestrates.

In "Racing Hearts", she can be seen talking into a camera.

In "Cooked!", she was on TV talking about a "tree monster" and later interviewed Lynn Sr. at his restaurant after Lucy invited her for a restaurant promotion.

In "Last Loud on Earth," Katherine was among the people at the Royal Woods Mall due to an approaching storm. She came out with the Loud Family, Bud Grouse, and Mayor Davis at the time when Lincoln and Clyde mistook a cold-infested Lynn Sr. Howard, and Harold as zombies. When the boys mentioned that they were watching the "Swarm of the Zombies" marathon in Lisa's Underground Bunker and Lisa asked how they got in it, Katherine was among the people present that state that her passcode is her birthday.

She tries a cookie Clyde baked in "Tough Cookies" after it falls on her head while reporting on an event at Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.

In "Family Bonding", she appears on TV congratulating Lincoln and Clyde for foiling the Millers' scheme of destroying all the cherries in Royal Woods while also mentioning that the authorities haven't found the Millers yet.

In "Scoop Snoop", the Action News Team was angered by her seemingly stealing their news leads and beating them to reporting the stories. After Chef Pat and Mr. Mu weren't the culprits, they suspected Principal Ramirez due to her interacting with Katherine which led to an incident where Principal Ramirez is knocked into the lake. It turns out that Katherine was in the same book club as Principal Ramirez and that she began dating Rusty's dad Rodney who has been relaying all of the stories to her after Rusty tells him about what the team plans to report, thinking they were just gossip. Katherine tells Principal Ramirez that the Action News Team reminds her of herself when she was starting out as a news reporter and convinces her not to cancel the team for pushing her into a lake. To make up for the trouble she caused, Katherine tells the team that she will donate some equipment to them so they won't have to use a phone all the time to record their show. In addition, she joins them in a joint news report that involves Flip painting the packing peanuts to resemble actual peanuts.


Katherine has long dark brown hair tied into a ponytail, a yellow headband, and white pearl earrings. She wears a yellow coat and matching skirt, a white shirt with a black necktie and yellow cuff links, and black high heeled shoes.


Katherine speaks and acts like a stereotypical news reporter, even when she is off camera. She is always on the hunt for information and any news that she can broadcast, and is very sneaky due to her profession. She interviews people about their situations, but doesn't show any sympathy if they suffer. Her attitude annoys both interviewees and coworkers alike.


  • She is one of the few Loud House characters to be played by the same actor in both animated and live-action media, the others being Brian Stepanek as Lynn Sr., Jahzir Bruno as Clyde, and Jeff Bennett as Mick Swagger.
  • Despite her always mentioning her name, no one ever seems to remember it much to her annoyance.
  • Originally, she was going to appear in "Fandom Pains", but was cut due to time.
  • Coincidentally, she and her actress share a similar first name except for the fact that their names were spelled differently.

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