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Ketcham Park is a designated open area and playground in Royal Woods.

Ketcham Park is a popular place for toddlers to play, showing the amount of babies that were crowding Clyde in the tube. It makes sense because of the amount of equipment there, including spring riders, slides, tubes, and sand boxes. Ketcham Park is also a popular place for people like runners, seen during small clips from the series.


It first appeared in "Changing the Baby", when Lincoln is playing chess in the park, while trying to implement his interests onto Lily.

It appears again in "Two Boys and a Baby", when Lincoln and Clyde take Lily to the playground.

In "Come Sale Away", Lincoln was searching for Lily's blanket in the park.

In the game Living Loud: Summer School, Lincoln goes to Ketcham Park to photograph a bird.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Anyone in the sandbox may have a chance of getting chicken pox, because in the end of "Two Boys and a Baby", it is revealed that a toddler in the sandbox had chicken pox.
  • Rita brings Lily here, so she gets tired, in order to take a nap.
  • The park is named after American cartoonist, Hank Ketcham, who is well known for creating the newspaper comic Dennis the Menace.

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