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Not to be confused with Kevin Cannarile.

Kevin Sullivan is a writer on The Loud House. Since November 2019, he is a story editor.[1]

Sullivan was previously a writer on The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, and T.U.F.F. Puppy.

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  • He considers "L is for Love" as one of his favorite episodes he's written. He was super happy about a bunch of episodes in Season 3. His most favorite line ever was "One time, I told her we were out of bread, but then she found a loaf and beat me with it." from "Cheater by the Dozen".
  • A caricature of Kevin Sullivan makes appearances in some episodes:
    • His caricature appears in "Pipe Dreams" as one of the people that help Lynn Sr. and Rita build their secret bathroom.
    • His caricature appears in "Senior Moment" as one of the guests who was invited to Tad's lakehouse party.
    • His caricature appears in "Really Loud Music" as one of the parachutists skydancing to "Best Thing Ever."
    • In The Loud House Movie, his caricature is revealed to have once owned a realty business, and was the one who sold the Loud House to Rita and Lynn Sr.


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