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For the Season 4 episode, see Kings of the Con.
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"King of the Chair" is a short based on The Loud House.


Trying not to repeat history, the Loud siblings promise not to destroy Dad's new chair.


Lynn Sr. arrives home with a giant box. He opens the box, revealing it to be a massage armchair. He gladly expresses desire to use it, as it's the first thing he ever won. When he leaves to go wash Charles after he tracks mud on it, the kids are tempted to use it, but Rita stops them and forbids them from using it, saying that they have a habit of destroying their father's new belongings.

Later that night, Lincoln is playing a video game. When he loses, he is tempted to use to the massage chair to ease his stress. Deciding to use it for just a bit, he ends up falling asleep on it and accidentally leaves a giant pizza grease stain. Needing to clean up the stain, he runs upstairs to get something. Before long, the siblings begin to use the chair, progressively damaging it in some way.

  • Lynn uses the chair to get a massage after a long run; the vibrations shaking off her sweat and soaking the chair.
  • Lisa, looking for a copper-plated circuit unit, proceeds to steal the one from the chair.
  • As Leni takes a selfie, Luan arrives with her fake spider, and Leni begins panicking, her high heels tearing holes in the cushion.
  • As Lola paints her toenails, Cliff pops out and scares Lola into spilling her nail polish onto the chair and onto her.
  • Lana and a raccoon sleep on the chair while surrounded by trash.

Later, while no one's looking, Lincoln proceeds to cover up the now very-dilapidated chair with a giant sheet.

That night, Rita announces that Lynn Sr. will be home any minute to watch The Dream Boat. As the kids hesitantly head downstairs and sit down, Lynn Sr. arrives, intending to use his chair. Unfortunately, the moment he sits down on it, its heavily damaged states causes it to collapse under his weight. Seeing his family's belongings, including Rita's manuscript, he breaks down crying, upset this his family destroyed the first thing he has ever won.

As Lynn Sr. sobs over photos of his chair, the family enters, saying that they want to apologize for their carelessness, so to make it up to him, Lana and Lisa reveal they took the chair to the repair shop to get it fixed up. The family promises to not play with his items and Lynn Sr. promises to not get overemotional over simple items. When Lisa says that they enhanced the chair, Lynn Sr. proceeds to use it, but it launches him into the ceiling, making Lisa realize that the chair has some kinks in it.


Luan has no lines in this short, but can be heard grunting and laughing.


  • This is the first short directed by Colton Davis.
  • Lori, Luna, Lisa, and Lily are the only Loud children not to appear on the title card.
  • The premise of this short is similar to the Season 3 episode "Pipe Dreams", as both the episode and the short involve the parents fearing that something they have just for themselves will be damaged by the kids.
  • The only Louds who did not contribute to damaging the chair were Lori, Luna, Lucy, and Lily. Luan and Lisa did not sit in the chair, but they still contributed to the mess by scaring Leni and taking the chair's control respectively. Similarly, the only pets to contribute to the mess were Charles and Cliff, though when the chair was broken, Fangs did fly out of the mess.
King of the Chair Square.jpg @nicktheloudhouse Instagram Picture.jpg nicktheloudhouse Verified
nicktheloudhouse Verified There can only be one King of the Chair!
AUGUST 1, 2020[1]
  • On August 1, 2020, the short was released for free on The Loud House's Instagram account.
  • Irony: Rita initially scolds the kids for using the chair, but Lynn Sr. discovers that she has been using the chair for her own needs as well.



  1. @nicktheloudhouse (August 1, 2020). "There can only be one King of the Chair!". – via Instagram.

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