S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The following is a transcript for the episode "King of the Chair".


[Inside view of the front door. Lynn Sr. is outside.]
Lynn Sr.: "It's here! It's here!! IT'S HERE!!!"
[Door slams open. He pushes a huge cardboard box through the doorway.]
Lynn Sr.: [excited] "Can you believe it? It's the first thing I've ever won!"
[The kids runs over as their dad lifts up the box to reveal a massage chair.]
Lynn Sr.: "Isn't it beautiful?"
[Charles, covered with mud, hops up on the chair and rolls around.]
Lynn Sr.: "AAH! Charles, no!" [Lynn picks up Charles] "Ding-dang-darnit, my new chair!" [Charles shakes mud in Lynn's face] "Ah! That's it. You're getting a bath, mister!" [Lynn Sr. takes Charles into the other room.]
[All kids reach towards the massage chair and gasp in awe]
Rita: [stands in front of the chair] "Freeze! Nobody touch it."
[kids get upset]
Rita: "Really? You have to ask?"

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